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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by dutch_paddy, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. I have had difficulty in obtaining a Dutch passport as they believe although I was born in Holland I am not Dutch because I have been in the Army serving in Northern Ireland has anyone had the same problems?
  2. The Dutch have very strange nationality laws. I will ask a Brit collegue whose children were born in Holland, one of them is in the RNLMC, though I suspect their father was Dutch.

    What nationality were both your parents?

    Why were they in Holland? Dipolomatic? Miilitary? etc.

  3. I'd swap you mine anytime !
  4. No Both my parents were Dutch but moved to the UK when I was two, returning once in 39 years for a visit.
  5. Do you need a Dutch passport now we are all in the EU? Can't see as it would bring any benefits with it :?
  6. Apologies for the delay in answering, my hope is to travel to Germany to visit my brother, I have just been told that I need a letter from immigration stating that I am not a British Citizen.
  7. Well I have just been denied Dutch citizenship, because the Embassy rang my unit and asked if I could serve whilst being Dutch and they said no I would have to be a British Citizen. So I bneed to get a passport can the Army help? Any suggestions as to how to go about it? :D

  8. I suspect this post is a wind up:)

    How long have you been in the Army & why has it taken until now to think about getting a passport? If the answer is that you've used a NATO T/O then whats to stop you doing so again?
  9. I think you are really Armenian trying to sus out the EU passport laws
  10. 17 years 203 days leaving in tranche 1 31 mar 07
  11. That's an interesting question. Instinctively, I'd have thought being born Dutch with Dutch parents makes you Dutch but not having been born in the UK (LCpl Hashmi being a prime example) doesn't preclude you from service.
  12. Can you not get a British one either?
  13. no apparently if you serve with another countries Armed Forces you lose your citizenship, even though in the past seventeen years I have had two passports off them! I am going to the RAO tomorrow to see if I can scare up a Brit passport.
  14. I'm married to a Cloggie, one of our kids was born in the UK and we registered the birth here and with the Dutch Embassy in London - she physically has both Dutch and UK passports, she only needed the UK passport to prove eligibility for University funding in this country. Our twins were born at BMH Munster, have UK Birth Certificates and Dutch passports - again we registered the births, but this time with the Dutch Consulate in Dusseldorf, they're entitled to a UK passport should they wish to have one at some stage in their lives, but at the moment it's not an issue for either while they are at school here.

    A few points; if you were born in Holland, then your parents should have registered your birth at the local town hall when you were born and you will be a Dutch citizen - you cannot lose your citizenship - historically, the Dutch were never twitchy about dual citizenship but I remember my wife being advised most strongly by the town hall admin bod to never give up her cloggie passport. I'm a bit puzzled as to how you met the nationality requirements to serve in the UK armed forces, so I suspect you may have born in the UK - bottom line is, if you get the admin right to start with it really does help. That said, if you really want Dutch citizenship then go for it (you may struggle with the language requirements though). The Dutch are a bit touchy about immigration at the moment, if you have any family left in Holland, get them to contact the authorities on your behalf and see if any previous mistakes or ommissions by your parents in the past can be put right.

    Probably best that you apply for UK citizenship if you don't have it.

    Groetjes van uit Nord Yorkshire
  15. Thank you that was very helpful. My history is quiet complicated as I have spent most of my life in the UK but was born in Holland. Whilst serving in the Forces the Dutch have issued two passports for me to travel, it is only now that they have decided that I am not Dutch. It is a sad fact that I will get a UK passport, it is quiet obvious that they have no intention of accepting my claim. It just so maddening that both Countries are in the EU and ALLIES!