Being done over with my class 1 increment

I am in the Royal Signals doing my class 1 but I have also come off the CPL board. Am I going to be done over by doing my class 1 before I am promotted so missing out on my increment or will I start off on level 2 CPL as I will have done my class 1 by the time i am wearing my fullscrew tapes? Anyone have any heads up on this?
It depends when you are substantive. You will start out on level 1 but the increment should take you up level 2. This obviously depends on what level LCpl pay you are on. You will get your increase whatever.
my hubby just did his class one but is not a cpl yet and he still go this increment. he's now on the highest increment for a lcpl so when he does get promoted to cpl he will go in as a level 3 cpl or something because they can't put his wages down
I passed my class 1 whilst maxed out on the increment levels. I was then substansive in my new rank after qualifying so I missed out on my increment. It's a kick in the teath but nothing too worry about. The £5000 I got at the end made it sweeter though.

My advice is to make sure you are sub before the end if you are maxed out on increment, If you are level 5 or 6 it wont make a difference.

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