being discharged soon but yet to have pension details

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by panch1989, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. im getting medically discharged from an injury that happened on op telic 10 and ive served just under 5 years but have been told i will get a lump sum because of circumstances. im out end of the month and spend most times in a hospital bed so unable to chase this up. im wondering if i get the pension form late. i.e after im discharged what will happen when i send it off. i know it should be sent 6 weeks before but im yet to be given anything
    help needed in serious answer form as its not my fault that i spend the majority of my time hooked up to machines :(

    thank you fellow soldiers
  2. thanks, i was wondering if this is true also as a crazy captain told me when he was getting treated. if i signd for my 4 year bonus because im m.d i get it and dont have to pay back? call me a fool for listening to him but if its true il try it
  3. I wouldnt worry about the bonus mate, you have bigger obstacles to climb. Concentrate on getting better and contact these chaps .

    Do not be embarressed about going for help, BL and BAFF helped me out. They are there for YOU.