being deferred

heres the low down:
i rang the afco to see if they had any progress on my application to join the army, i was informed that i was being deferred till sept 09 but if i disagree with the reason for being deferred i can appeal.
my question is if i appeal what are the chances of my appeal being successful and how do i go about it.
thank you
armybarbie xx

p.s sorry for any spelling mistakes
Wait tillthe letter comes through then you will now what you been deffered for
I got a 'medically unsuitable' letter when I applied after the AFCO had sent off my medical questionnaire. I then received a letter which MSI64 is referring to explaining the reasons why. This came from the medical department at the ADSC that I would go to, in my case Glencorse. I spoke to my CA and he told me that I could appeal this decision. I did, which involved seeing my GP and getting him to write me a letter explaining why I should be deemed as eligible. I then took the letter into my AFCO and signed an appeal form which they send away along with the letter. I waited about 3 weeks and found that they accepted my appeal. I then had my interviews and passed selection, and I start basic at the end of next month.

I know how you gutted you feel right now, but there may still be a light at the end of the tunnel. I am not trying to get your hopes up, I am just letting you know that there can sometimes be an alternative. Bare in mind that your situation is a deferral, and I was medically unsuitable, so there may be some differences in procedure etc.

I just thought that I would post a reply, as I found the ARRSE forum whilst trying to find out information about how to appeal the decision I was given. One guy gave me the encouragement to appeal and luckily for me it worked out. Hope this helps?
I really hope i don't get deffered.

I put down that i had an inhaler for ''suspected asthma'' when i was about 6, never used it and turned out there was sod all wrong with me. Never feel like i've got a lack of breath ever, just a precautionary thing when i was little.

I also put down migraines, but i've never been to the doctor about them or had any medication for them. The last time i had one was december 2007, because i was on my computer all day like always(Fookin addicted to it)

I hope these things don't get me deffered. The only other thing i am worried about is a heart murmur, because alot of people seem to get them, when there is nothing actually wrong with them.
DaPs - if they have a heart murmur then that is what is wrong with them. You wouldn't want them to go out on PT and collapse from a dodgy heart would you?

As for your inhaler - you got it years ago, never used it and haven't had asthma since. Your migraines you may have to explain - will they come back if you have to concentrate on the same view for ages (like stagging on or other things depending on your trade after training).

If you are defered then find out why before getting too excited and make sure you have any retraction of the deferral in writing in case someone makes a mistake and doesn't annotate your records correctly!
Thanks for the reply django.

The reason i got the migraine was because of the pc screen, if i was looking at a natural environment for hours on end it wouldn't have the same effect. I wrote down on the medical form that it was due to prolonged computer use and that i've never been to the doctors about it or taken medication for it.

Hopefully that'll be ok. I've seen some people here get through and they've been to the doctors about it, and i've seen people get deffered for it(Although i think there is more than meets the eye with those cases)

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