being chased by bulls - whos up for it?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by arby, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Im off to do the Pamplona Bull Run in July and thought I might as well do it for SSAFA or RBL. Anyone up for joining me? flights cost £135 return to madrid plus £30ish for train costs. Im going 12th-14th and just going to rough it out there. Good chance to get a few drinks, get chased by walking cheeseburgers and raise a bit of cash.

    Whos up for it?
  2. Are you fucking nuts?????
  3. That sounds great Arby! Not up for it myself, I always fancied the tomato throwing festival - whatever that one is called? That's my kind of fun! Less chance of being killed by a tomato!

    Please, please take your camera though.
  4. That's in valencia I think? Will take the camera tho. C'mon saintstone, dont be a pussy!
  5. So will the sponsorship $$$ be per puncture wound or Units of Blood Lost? :wink:
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I love the idea of the Bull Run. All those muppets getting gored to pieces by angry burgers, Reminds me that there is some justice left in the world, even if only a little bit.

    Nothing wrong with gored spaniard.
  7. I gave up dangerous sports when I left the forces, ie :- dodging bullets and being a sloppy, flying crockery :D But I am willing to sponsor you when you get it all sorted out. (Any chance you can take a van of chavs with you to distract the bulls ????)
  8. Take Sven with you. :D
  9. Mmmm let me think....



    versus this:


    Let's go to Valencia instead!!!! :D :D
  10. Lets indeed, nubile young things covered in fruit and stuff, yahoo :hungry:
  11. Take duffdike with you. He's an expert on bulls. oh wait that's bullsh1t.
  12. the chavs are a tempting idea. If I can get 4 others I'll go down the sponsorship.
  13. probably could do with the body armour. seriously, no volunteers?