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Hello all,

Come September I intend on joining the Anglian's TA btn when I move for work. I was in the RMR for a bit over a year and was backtrooped after a back injury at which point I left as I would not be staying about the area long enough to complete training. What I'd like to know is what I as an individual could do in my own time in order to be better? The obvious things are ones like phys and i've kept things like map reading ticking over just to avoid getting lost when I end up back in basic training.

I've heard a fair bit about TA guys going on operations and being rubbish, and even if not I'm sure there's a few areas which they could improve on, so what is it that I could improve on personally in order to not end up being shit. Basically.

edited to add serious answer.

I'd just keep your fitness up and worry about passing what's being taught at each stage.

And also I wouldn't worry so much about ops mate, they're drawing to a close, as for whoever told you the TA were shit on ops, remember that the Armed Forces is a giant pissing contest at times. Like all things, there's good and bad. Attitude will take you further than learning in your own time.


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From a purely administrative viewpoint, you can help yourself by getting the ball rolling now. Due to your previous service, your TA unit will need to submit a Special Enlistment form to APC Glasgow, which is backlogged by months. I have this week found out that they're dealing with forms from last October at the moment, so by filling out the paperwork now (and I do realise that you may not be near that location at the moment, so this may require travel and/or correspondence), you will potentially save yourself months of hanging around waiting to be taken on strength and being able to train.

References standards on tour; as you're looking to join an Infantry battalion you will undergo specific from your battalion to bring you up to Regular Grade 1 standard before you are allowed to mobilise. Just work on your phys mate, everything else i.e. map reading will be taught to you again.
Best thing that will please a Regular Unit if you ever join them for Ops is arrive fit and able to pass basic PFA etc. Dont, like the lad who is arriving on Mon at mine leave RTMC last Fri with a fail by over a min, arrive hoping that we will get him fit by Apr when we deploy!! Especially when we didnt ask for a TA bod and i have Regular soldiers able to take his place!
I have nothing against TA in general but when i warned this lad back in Sept that his fitness worried me and didnt want to be proved right now!
He'll enjoy the OFT on Weds though!

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