being back home - reservists and ptsd

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Angels, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Do you know a former reservist suffering from ptsd? Do you possibly fit that description, yourself?

    For too long, this Government has ignored the facts: while members of the regular armed forces have at least some network to fall back on to, reservists are on their own when they get back to civvy street. They are expected to cope by themselves, or appeal to a charity for support. Often, not even close work colleagues know what they're going through.

    I am a journalist who covers defence issues, and I think it's about time this issue was highlighted properly. Yes, reservists are volunteers, yes they know what they are signing up for, but why does this mean they should be treated as second class citizens?

    If you are a former reservist who has had experience of these issues, I welcome your comments. If you are willing to go on the record for the purposes of an interview, all the better, but it's up to you.

    Please feel free to email me or leave your comments here. Thank you.
  3. You mean you are a journo looking for a scoop?

    You're not interested in PTSD sufferers. You're interested in getting a good story to publish.
  4. What happened to the first thread you started on this?
  5. Here's my comment:
  6. Sorry about the two threads - had to amend the first one slightly since, clearly, I would not want to get serving reservists into trouble by encouraging them to contact a member of the press.
  7. So what’s in it for you then. Or is it just the goodness of your heart :roll:
  8. Look, you can accuse me of trying to get a scoop if you like but for me it's simple: this is an important subject that deserves publicity. If we defence reporters don't expose these issues, who will? The MoD?

    I have been discussing how reservists are being affected by ptsd with several charities, who have encouraged me to try to bring this to the public's attention. I understand this is a delicate issue that needs to be handled with great care.

    If any former reservist feels they would like to contribute to my investigation, then I would welcome hearing from you, even anonymously.
  9. He should do his homework before posting here. Basic premise is wrong. Reservists' mental health assessment programme exists.
  10. why are you here?
  11. I can put you in touch with one who lives near me if you want ? He had the misfortune to snot 3 insurgents during a strike op in the Shia Flats area and carried his wounded mate across open ground before re-joining the fight..bless him, poor c*nt killed 2 guys in Sarajevo as well in 1995 during a routine patrol and fractured the skull of a French Peacekeeper who shot 'the squadrons dog'..

    Since his last tour he has been unable to work, spends an inordinate amount of time in the village cafe and was done last month for a Section 5 Harrassment and although very vocal about his horrific experiences when on the lash he cant bring himself to discuss them with a number of youngish ex serving lads that frequent a few of the boozers round here.

    Usually to be found in the Cricket Club in Telic10 T shirt and Lowa boots, the fat mustachioed walting Stab Signals c*nt..
  12. Please don't PM me Angels. Go somewhere else to get your story.
  13. Sorry Cabana, you asked me "Why are you here"? and I was just trying to understand your question.

    I have already said why I am here and what I am trying to achieve.
  15. Thanks Vampangua,

    I am fully aware of this. But I am still being contacted by charities, who tell me the situation for reservists who come back is pretty dire. Are they wrong? Are they making it up?