Being an Officer isn't just pure leadership, or is it?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Knightwars4, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. As an Officer, what are your responsibilities and duties?

    What will you be expected to do after passing out from the factory? Etc etc.
  2. Hello, reading material is all well and jolly. But if you can ask a person who is or has done it then why not ask them?

    By the way I have drawled through a lot of material for this information, including the Army website and other sources. Even for non officer related questions.

    Independent research was the initial course of action, now the time is to ask questions to the people with the know how.
  3. not if you'r holding a ******* map!!
  4. That's all well and good, but your question is incredibly generic and shows no evidence of research or thought. Perhaps try asking some more detailed questions about areas you are unsure about; that may result in more willingness to reply from those who know these things.
  5. To cut about adding tone and splendour to what is otherwise a rather miserable organisation full of shouty chaps with an overly **** approach to things like haircuts, dogs and silk-lined combats. They get pretty grumpy about punctuality as well, which is all a bit of a drag really.
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  6. For the sake of simplicity, the next time I'm on ARRSE with a PC I'm going to delete this thread.
  7. How about you delete your ARRSE account as well as you do seem to come up with crap wah questions!
  8. NoOOooo not a Rupert with a map. We're fecked!
  9. Sorry you said holding not reading.
  10. I don't see a reason for me to respond to the previous post, other than to state the following.

    I'm human, I make mistakes, no matter how bone they maybe, I will always try to better myself after realising them.

    I'm still binning this thread by the way.
  11. Good and can you do us all a favor and not start anymore threads! It would deprive us all of laughs but it would save us all a lot of hassle in replying as we feel so sorry for you!
  12. Don't bother, Saladin's answer was a good answer!
  13. Seriously though, read 'The Junior Officers Reading Club' by Patrick Hennesey. It is a good read!
  14. The Commandant at RMAS when I went through (an Agile & Bolton Wanderer by the name of Graham IIRC) defined Officer qualities as the following*:

    Pride (in Regiment, self, & profession, but never arrogance);
    Integrity (not just knowing what is the right thing to do, but doing it even when it is not popular);
    Learning (there is always something new to learn to enhance one's own credibility & understanding of others);
    Humour (including the ability not to take one's self too seriously)
    Service (to others);
    Courage (moral and physical - I fell down on the latter a bit because I'm a bit of a fat biff).

    These qualities are not unique to Officers, to the Army or even to the Forces, but for me are pretty important. The fact I remember them so vividly 21 years on says a bit.

    The other two guidelines I remember are "horses first, then Troopers, then Officers" and "be first in the queue for the shit stuff and last for the good stuff".

    *note as naughty Officer Cadets we had to have a mnemonic for this as the Commandant was rather keen on popping out from behind a tree on Barossa resplendent in kilt & whiskers and asking what his six points were. We remembered them by "People In Lines Have Small Cocks", which did not please said Commandant when an OCdt replied with the mnemonic rather than the points.

    I also remember that I've promised msr to find the card with the points & the Commandant's whiskers printed theron, scan it & post it here. Feckin boxes of crap all over the place, I really should go through them but to be frank taking MasterPlume swimming/to the park/off on his bike are a bit more important these days!
  15. And also IMHO a book which, while hilarious, set back the cause of Officers by about 50 years :wink: