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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bleh, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi there everyone, first things first I've been a member on here for about a year I guess, just for browsing purposes until now evidently! :p

    Right, I all but passed selection about a month ago, the reason being my eyesight wasn't good enough (I really do still think it was just a bad day!) However, I took the form to the opticians from the nurse at Lichfield and did all of the required. (even got a nice new pair of spec's out of it!)

    The good news from the opticians was, my eyesight wasn't in fact that bad. (?) I go to my Sergeant and hand in the papers etc, He progresses to fax them over to where ever, I'm guessing to Lichfield. As I have head nothing for about a week I rang him today and all he really had to say was, that he was "waiting for me to be allocated" Now in retrospect I should of just asked him what that really meant, but alas I'd just finished a night shift and wasn't entirely on the ball.

    Sorry for my ramblings, I thought I should try and paint a picture of the whole story. I would just like to know if anyone has any idea what being allocated entails?

    I'm hoping to join the Royal Engineers, as an electrician!

    Thanks for any kind of information, although I obviously do intend to go and see my Sergeant, probably on Thursday!
  2. When my recruiter said "allocated" he meant looking to allocate me to a selection date coming up. Sorry if it's a bit vague but that's it =]
  3. What exactly happened regarding your eyesite?...Im off to selection in 10 days so i dont know what the eyesite test is but i am guessing a white board with letters on, Did you just completely balls it up?.
  4. Ok the main thing is you will of passed selection but you are now awaiting to be slotted into the next available slot for your chosen job 'allocated'.

    Because RE electrician is a very popular job but without too many courses in a year then there could be a bit of a wait for you. Leave it another few weeks to see what transpires then phone your recruiter for updates. You could have quite a wait depending on when the next course is due to start so if it appears its going to be over 5 months or so you could ask to do your second or third choice if you would rather get in sooner.
    note that even though basic is the same for every job except infantry and Para you wont be loaded until near to when your trde courses are available as they dont want you sat around at trade training establishments awaiting course for too long.

    Other jobs like infantry, RA, RAC,RLC driver and pinchpoint trade like VM, chef etc have loads of trade training dates in the year so not as long to wait.

    Your recruiter will be doing everything in his power and the very nice lady at allocations will do her best to load when available.
  5. yep, thats my trade, and i passed ADSC back in july, and am going to basic in under 2 weeks.

    obviously if your heart is set on a specific role, wait for it, but if you're more interested in getting in soon, do as suggested above.
  6. Thanks for the replies! Good news, I spoke to my Sergeant two days ago, and he and the 'lovely lady' at allocation have managed to squeeze me in to start basic on the 3rd December at Lichfield! What a result, got my number one choice as well - Electrician! For reference the next available slot for me start would of been December '08!!

    In regards to my eyesight, nothing happened as such, at the end of the day I needed specs. It's just a basic eye test reading off a white screen, apparently its easy to pass, just not for semi blind people! Hey Griffo, I'm from Coventry too...:eek:
  7. Its a small world bleh :p