Being A Vegetarian in the TA

I have been a vegetarian now for nearly two years for belief reasons, i don't eat animals or parts thereof, if you have to kill it i don't want to know.

I have such trouble getting fed by the system, surely i cannot be the only one in the TA who is a veggie, when i did my CMT 2 course at Towthorpe last year, the food was a nightmare, there is only ever ONE vegetarian choice on offer, for the two week period, that choice was repeated several times over for the evening meal, for breakfast i am expected only to eat eggs, beans & Fried bread! On one occasion i got NO lunch as they sent fish as the veggie choice, a pescatarian eats fish a vegetarian doesn't. Then in the evening all there was were spring rolls yet again, i had such low blood sugar that i had a go at the chef and his Kitchen porter started on that we were a minority blah blah blah, the chef soon sent him out to the kitchen before he said something too stupid! Haven't the Army heard of NON Meat Sausages or Bacon, it is available and easy to cook.

Has anyone else had the same experience and can anyone tell me why getting a vegetairan meal is such a drama, afterall Omnivores can eat a veggie meal, but a veggie cannot eat an omnivore meal, so why is there only one Veggie choice? Which realistically is NO choice at all!!!

In my mind this is bordering on discrimination as i am made to feel like i am being awkward, i have been in 15 years now so i know the system just a wee bit and dont let them get too me, but if i was a recruit, i would not stay around for long.

The field rations are actually quite nice and some mates who were chort of a meal did not comlain about the quality of a veggie meal, in fact they said they were better than the meat choices, so if we can get it right in a rat pack, why cant we with fresh rations. :evil:
all this talk about food has made me real peckish...................

a decent steak or even a burger would go down well right now,
dont get me started on the joyous game meats like venison or duck, yum yum, wild animal is SO much better than domesticated farm produst isnt it?

not easy being a desendent of a omnivore neolithic hunter gatherer stuck in the modern wishy washy coccooned urbanistic artificial enviroment.

*sigh. missing the ability to kill ones own food. it makes it taste so much better.
the_kit_man said:
i have been in 15 years now so i know the system just a wee bit and dont let them get too me, but if i was a recruit, i would not stay around for long.
So why whinge? as you mentioned that in the field the Army is bending over backwards to help you and others (Surely you've seen the full list of available ration packs for very diverse ethnic groups).
Surely you realise that people are putting in a lot of effort to cater for your diet. The cook is producing meals for all of us, have any of them moaned at you making them do extra work (i.e. they probably spend around 20 secs cooking for each meat eater and 5-10 mins for vegitarian).
Its because sodhexco and their ilk do in camp catering and they only employ incomptent morons .Vegitarians hitler was one wasen't he ? Revolting idea should't be tolerated imho .
There was a vegan in my Bty (regs) and was a nightmare, was on our Lance Jacks course and were issues the first of the new 24 rat pack boil in the bags. the course was run by an ex-P Coy staff PTI who ran us ragged and the poor sod had feck all but cheese to eat (yes thats against vegan thoughts but he got desperate after 2 days eating nothing but boilies and biscuits)

In the end he collapsed, almost made the week we had a card on it


Book Reviewer
I am a Veggie, as are several others in my Company. No problems here, the chefs are good, and on Camps the Contract Caterers always provide something decent. It's down to the attitude of your Unit, I'm afraid. In my experience, if someone won't make allownaces for someone being slightly 'different' in as simple a way as not eating meat, then they are often even worse about other 'differences'. At best, this loses us a lot of potential recruits, and at worst reveals some pretty rancid prejudices.

Oh and yes, Hitler was a Veggie, and a Corporal as well. According to some, then, we should ban all Corporals? (I wonder if that's why the Guards don't have them),
the_kit_man said:
I have been a vegetarian now for nearly two years for belief reasons, i don't eat animals or parts thereof, if you have to kill it i don't want to know.
This aversion to killing makes me wonder what you view the job of the Army to be and how you fit in...Medic?
The needs of the meat eating many, outway the needs of the vegan faglords

get a big mac down your neck you,ll be amazed how good you feel.

in all seriousness, my of experience veggies have been a liabilitys both on ops and on exercise.
I have advise the veggies to bring energy bars and the like on exercise, mainly becuase when any
veggie options are offered the tend to turn their nose up and eat nothing. they then retreat into thier pasta
like shell, go an unatural pale white, and then when their out for the count with zero blood sugar--

force minced pigs testicles down their neck, in a desperate effort to cure them :twisted:
Why is it that most of you seem to treat this with the contempt that is rife amoungst the army!

I joined the TA long before i was a veggie, War & Killing is a necessary evil unfortunatley, as a medic then it is my job to save lives which i can go along with quite happily as i do not see being a veggie has anythng to do with me being able to do my job.

Just because i do not like to eat other living creatures, does not mean that i should be ridiculed!

I do not give a toss what other people eat, you can eat as much meat as you like,i dont force my beliefs down any ones throats, likewise i don't expect meat eaters to try and force their's down mine.
Kit man, if you believe in it keep it up. Can't offer any useful advice but the best of luck. If you are worried about aspersions being cast on your masculinity, just pop over to the thread in the current affairs forum where lots of people are trying to explain why all-male naked mud wrestling is really very hetero
O! The modern army, don't you just love it.

Catering for veggies etc, is not really the G4 nightmare it is made out to be. When your QM's return is submitted there is a section for special dietary requirements. The options do exist, but I suspect they seem pretty limited after a while. On ops the cooks are usually limited to a set amount of individual ingredients and although at first it seems large, after six months the same old faithfuls do tend to make a repeat appearance. On courses you are at the mercy of that particular cookhouse, some are good some are bad( At Hammersley Barracks about twelve years ago I wound up with half a brillo pad in my lasagne, that took some f**king chewing).

Things are a lot better than what they were, remember beef and onions(Instant Heartburn in a can)?

Have a polite word with your CQ, or equivalent, they should be able to sort any problems at unit level. Or approach your CSM, or equivalent, and they definately will, what is more they will ensure it does not happen again.

Failing that become a ration assassin and convert everyone to the delights of nut cutlets and veggie pasta. Yum, yum.
Crikey! 8O Some rather strong opinions there.

I can't really offer you much advice- just a bit of sympathy. Also a little note to say not to trust the fat Sodexo cnuts at Strenny with a vegetarian option (when it isn't the spring rolls). I recall one delightful meal when I found a piece of beef in my quorn curry. Fat chef insists that it can't possibly be and his daughter is a vegie so would never dare do that. :roll: That one soon got passed up the chain.

I have so far failed every weekend in the field to get a vegetarian rat pack- they always seem to 'forget'. :cry: Always have pot noodles and oatie bars for those weekends. However, since I have made great friends with our unit chefs now I get a vegie choice where they ask me what I want to eat.

It's a pain in the arrse, but you have to prepare for the fact that most chefs don't really give a toss about your beliefs. You either live with it or die trying to change it.

Oh and I have never once had a choice of two vegetarian meals- imagine the hassle that would cause. I distinctly remember having a cheese and coleslaw sarnie on BBQ night. You have a choice, eat it or not. :?
Sry mate it was CND or WWF you wanted, not the Nasty Lot in The Army so get lost and join your brethren you obviously did not have the ability to put a reasonable request to the chef at the time, even though you have allegedly had 15 years of experience!

Grow up, get a life and learn to eat properly!

Medical reasons are acceptable, even religous to a degree but man spent millennia reaching the top of the food chain for a reason! We are predators!! Not lawn munchers!
I'm positive that the cookhouses do supply a selection of vegetables (all be it, boiled to within an inch of their life) - just double your portions (can't complain that you're not getting your 5 a day!)... and there are always chips available.

Be grateful you get fed at all.... At the end of the day, it's a weekend of boiled veg and chips... it's not like you're stuck there for six months. Get over it.

You're probably one of those veggies that only eats cheese and lardy stuff anyway... think of the cookhouse as your detox time.
A veggie diet is actually much healthier than a meat diet if catered for properly. I have never understood why the army cannot provide more veggie options as meat eaters don't mind eating them.

It doesn't seem to be much different in the regs. I had to go through basic training living on toast and beens for breakfast and chips and sweetcorn(the only veg they seem to be able to cook) and pasties from the NAAFI for evening meals, and yet till got shouted at for collapsing on runs. My staff would not even entertain the idea of getting in Veggie ration Packs, tried to tell me they didn't exist even though I knew they did. They then even had the cheek to write home to my parents and tell them I was anerexic, which my parents just laughed at.

In phase 2 I just gave up bought a microwave and a hob for my kitchen and cooked my own food at my own expense whilst still having to pay for the meals the army provided.

You will probably just get munts and groans from the cavemen on here though so wouldn't bother. My advice would be to speak to a superior or the person who is actually in charge of ordering for the cookhouse.

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