being a Sgt without being qualified?

I was arrsing about on the armynet forum when I saw a question on ACSLB.
The guy asking the question was confused about his JCLM qual's. I didn't answer his question cos I wasn't 100% on the answer but it made me look closer at the results matrix and I noticed something that confused with potential to annoy so if anyone could set me straight before I jump on the outrage bus that would be great.

In each trade group on the matrix there are a number of Sgt's who have been selected who aren't JCLM qualified. They arent acting because the the acting Sgt's are denoted appropriately and they dont have grandaddy rights as these individuals have n/a written in the box where applicable. Can anyone explain people being promoted when they shouldnt?

I ask cos of the hooha we had earlier in the year and I would hate to think that manning and records would exaserbate the problem by allowing people to make it two ranks up without being qualified.


More than likely they did their junior courses before JCLM kicked in, i.e. they did the old JMC.
That is a negatory goat rider!

just re-read the preamble on MS web above the ASCLB results which states the following:

Soldiers on the October 2009 lists will be loaded onto Artificer Trg between Apr and Sep 10, subject to being fully qualified to begin trg. Many soldiers are not yet fully qualified; some needing JCLM Pt 1 2 or 3 and SCLM (Part 1 - A&S). (SCLM Part 2 (WBL) and Part 3 (AEC) will be delivered whilst on Art Trg, however, there is no facility to provide JCLM trg and this must be completed prior to arrival on an Art cse. REME Sldr Wg will accept notification of confirmed course bids for those qualification courses from units as they occur prior to cse loading.

MCM know these people aren't qualified yet have promoted them regardless in a blatant breech of their own rules. They have turned the whole fiasco into a farce. This last 12 months has been a complete career lottery for most of REME
Its always been a lottery...

you get promoted on what is written about you by people that dont actually know you.

you have to put your faith in your OC who you hope can write a better report than the rest of the OCs that are submiting reports for the rest of the reme!.... (if you get my drift!)

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