Hi i am thinking of choosing the medics trade at my local RA unit. However does anybody know the format of the training? any information would be very useful? i do not have any medical training would this be a problem?

It is likley that you would want the combat medical technician trade. I recall that you would be required to undertake 3 courses to becomme fully qaulified. Some of the duties would be learning minor clinical techniques, but you may be trained in advanced trauma and life support. Try logging on to the official army website where you will learn more about that trade.
It works like this:
Complete Phase one
CMT 3 course currently held in Keogh Bks nr Aldershot (2 weeks basic medical type stuff, not rocket science by any means)
CMT 2 generally completed 1 yr after cmt3, currently at Strensall (2 weeks, 1 week death by powerpoint, 1 week practical, again nothing too taxing, just a hell of a lot of information to take in)
CMT 1, again normally 1 yr after cmt2, currently at Keogh (2weeks, im lead to believe there is a test at the beginning to check you are not a mong and have done all pre course reading etc.. i havent yet done CMT1 so someone else may like to enlighten you on this.)

Generally its not an issue not to have any previous medical training/background. However a good background knowledge of anatomy and physiology is a massive bonus, as i have found. It really does make the whole training experience a little more managable.

However, stand by for changes to the CMT career path etc, its something that 'them up there' where ever that is have been chatting about for quite sometime. Its all about clinical governance and trying to get in line with our regular counterparts, and quite rightly so. Its a bit of a waiting game but i dont tend to worry about these things too much.

hope that has helped a little.
(topic hijack sorry) ill be doing my cmt/cma3 soon is there anything i need to read up on ?
im allready a BCDT instructor and have quite a good knowlege on basic firstaid ,is this sufficiant or is there any tips to make life easy for myself when im there ?

cool didnt think it would be to taxing

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