Being a mean to detainees...... FFS!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. I squirmed with anger and irritation when I heard the BBC proudly announce this morning that they'd been stirring up the shoite again - whilst no apologist for New Labour's meddling out of its depth in other countries; whilst our troops are there (wrongly, as I happen to believe) they should at least not be undermined by these sodding reptiles. This is just a 'posher' version of what that smarmy cnut Piers Morgan did with his notorious photographs a while ago.
  2. If you report this sort of thing then you are accused of stirring up trouble unnecessarily, but if you fail to report it you could be allowing very serious offences to continue.

    The difference between this and the Piers "Morgan" Moron saga is that the Mirror convinced itself that the pictures it had were taken by troops in Iraq rather than in the back of a Bedford in Blighty; the BBC has been at pains to explain that this is based solely on testimony from detainees and there is no other evidence for the allegations. If the BBC's story, that all the detainees were interviewed seperately in different areas of the country and made very similar allegations, is true then it is only reasonable that they report it.
  3. It would surprise me if the yanks were daft enough to let this happen again, after the last time... Then again...
  4. Sleep and food depravation. Stress positions. Threats of violance.

    That's not torture - that's the CIC! :twisted:

    My heart weeps purple p1ss for them. :roll:
  5. It doesn't matter if they were given their own rooms, with silk sheets, televisions, dvd's etc...

    They would still bitch on about how they were 'abused'. :roll:

    Unfortunately, what happened at the Abu Griab prision in Iraq, makes people believe in the possibility that it happened once so therefore it could happen again.

    The United States reputation on Human Rights has been tainted, and it will take a lot of work to remove the stains. Plus they can never truly be seen as the 'good guys' while places like Gitmo exist.

    The Yanks have to start learning to 'trust' that the Afghan Police and Courts will deal with these potential terrorists using Afghan law, and not hold people just because they think they maybe a threat - without any actual evidence against them.
  6. Those are considered torture, Frank, according to the European Court of Human Rights. See case 5310/71 - Ireland v. the United Kingdom.
  7. Yes, why do the yanks ABUSE their detainees? - When i was a soldier, i did it by the book. Abuse detainees in this high tech age and the whole world knows about it by the next day. This gives the impresion that the yanks are no better than their enemy!! --- sad but true.
  8. Be quiet Alvin. Sorted your PERSEC yet?
  9. The BBC showed them all sat down together.At least they are alive,have all their fingers and toes and no-one cut their heads off on T.V.
  10. Orr ---- Mr tuf guy hideing behind his computer screen again, nice to meet you fellow veteran, come over any time for a coffee, and meet the wife.
  11. How is Yvonne?
  12. It's very easy for people to complain about the treatment of prisoners from their ivory towers who have never experienced front line service themselves. Yes I agree that it's wrong to use torture, but you have to ask yourselves did they get paid by the BBC for their stories and did they expand the truth. I wonder if the good old BBC investigated the allegations prior to braodcast, I very much doubt it.
  13. I think it's more likely to be:

    a) They're trying to cream compensation out of it or;

    b) Taliban propaganda.