Being a gay officer?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by auberonvonbulow, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm considering going into the army as an officer. I've just finished my degree and can't bear more years of study and would like to do something practical for once. However I'm gay and wanted to know what life would be like? Is there a high risk of being bullied? Would I have to keep it secret? Also how would soldiers react? I was talking to one on msn and when I said i was gay he was abusive and said no one would take me seriously if they found out.
  2. Which tabloid?
  3. It's a genuine question.
  4. What I was thinking :roll:
  5. But don,t they all say that?
  6. Haha! Go on then I'll bite...

    <wah helmet on>

    If you can take a joke about being a poofter then you'll be fine. If not, or in fact if you can't take jib taking about anything no matter what it is, then for that reason alone the army won't be for you, whether you like men, donkeys or whatever.

    If you do go for it then best of luck.
  7. I don't know, if you can't help with my question never mind.
  8. Yes, but that was referring to your leadership ambitions and not your sexual orientation. Boom Boom.

    On a more serious note if you only want to soldier don't tell anyone.
    If you absolutely have to have veryone know that your gay think twice because you will probably find it difficult to fit in anyway.

    Finally I'm struggling to conceive of a situation that could lead to you communicating with an actual soldier on MSN that is in anyway seemly and befitting of an officer. If you are serious, stop it. Now.
  9. Is this the sort of question you'd ask if you were going in to any other career? :roll:

    Yet another "look at me, I'm a bottom toucher but I dare you to treat me different". :roll:
  10. Thanks. I can take a joke though I really don't like the f word.
  11. No but than its not the usual career being so close to other men etc.
  12. Fire Brigade, police force, miner, stunt driver, footballer, bricky. Need I go on?

    Poor wah, faggot boy.
  13. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Go for it pet, with sensitivities like that you'll love the British Army.

  14. Can I suggest the 3rd Bn WaltenKommando. You could get direct entry as an Inofizzielle Mitarbeiter.
  15. no, its a genuine question. when my brother was in rmas there was a gay fella there. he said that yes, the p~ss was taken but only in the way that the army taked the p&ss out of everyone, if they like you personally they wont give you an overly hard time over it, if my brothers experience is anything to go by.
    also my gfs bro in tha paras had a platoon gay and they loved him because he did all their sowing.
    questions message me an i can see if i can contact them 4 more info
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