being a diver in the army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by obanniall, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. i am going for a job as a port operator and was wanting to go onto become diver but my recruiter couldnt give me much info on this and was wondering if anyone has much info on becoming a diver. also how hard is it to become one
  2. [nowah]

    Isn't Diving an RE trade & Port Ops RLC? From what I've heard military diving is a pretty tough career option.

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  3. Ravers

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  4. pretty sure if you are based at maritime marine you can go onto apply for diver
  5. The RE diver course is (so I'm told by those who have done it) pretty nails and not easy to get onto. No idea about RLC.
  6. Having scrubbed hulls and disentangled nets from props and shafts for beer-chits I can't imagine why anyone would want to dive in ports and harbours for a living. It's dark, disgusting and thankless work. Join up for the right reasons and do the scuba diving for fun when you can. (Quote: Stay on the boat. Don't ever get off the boat Man.... End quote)
  7. Based at ******* where?
  8. sounds fun. im really just thinking of a career when i finish with the army im ex fisherman so i want a challenge and something where money will be half decent always fancied doing something like that
  9. port and maritime devision
  10. But I thought you hated the army for sending you to colchester?
  11. think they are based at marchwood near southampton this is just what info i got
  12. So, you want the Army to give you a motorcycle licence, and train you as a diver, so you can leave and earn some decent money.

    What does the Army get out of it, other than some semi-literate selfish cnut?

    'good luck' - as the RE Diving course had a higher failure rate than P Coy.
  13. Well they already sent him to the MCTC so he thinks they owe him a living.

    Lets not forget his time in the desert on Op Granby as well.
  14. Ever thought of qualifying as an English Language teacher?
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  15. core **** me yous get pretty spiteful on here just asking a couple of questions ha
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