Being a chef in the army wanting some views info?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by chris42, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi it's my second job choice cant make my mind up between chef and gunner artillery logistics. any chefs on here already in the army???
  3. I would honestly say that, whilst it is not a profession I would personally have chosen, it least it is a profession which is constantly in demand in civvie street. I can't recall seeing many job adverts for gunners.

    I think you must consider that although you may stay in the mob for 22 years, you will still need a job once you do get out.

    The qualifications gained from the Army as a chef are very good and also relevant in civvie street. Being able to pick up heavy artillery shells isn't a much sort after skill down at the Job Center these days.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

  4. Gunner Arty Logistics, isn't about firing guns and has a fair few transferable skills. Not least of which driving and Hazmat. You'll also be able to pick up various logistics type skills as you progress from gunner to SNCO.

    You may also get the chance to move around a bit, and try other trades in the Gunners, ie Mounted Gunner with the Kings Troop or OP Ack.

    Slop Jockey is ok for skills too, not much variety though, but expect some serious shift hours, and working weekends. You start earlier and end later than everyone else, depending on shift.

    You'll be beasted on exercise too. On the plus side, lots of tranferable skills, and on exercise you never get cold.... handy unless it is 60 in the shade :D

    If you have a real passion for cooking you can enter some good competitions too, against hte other forces chefs and against civvies.... and an Army Kitchen is the only place Gordon Ramsey keeps schtum and peels the carrots likes hes told :)
  5. My bold speaking as an ex chef, good luck mate, no one likes us until it's stupid o'clock, -20 degrees and you have hot scoff ready, then you're everyones best mate. Expect grief from the lesser trades and Corps too. You do get some nice skives, cooking for diving courses in the Caribbean, Kenya, Canada.
  6. the gunner artillery logistics job . you get the hgv licence as well this is a good thing to have in civvy street
  7. Some chefs get an HGV licence too, depends on the unit, a lot like all personnel to be drivers.
  8. Look at it from a Soldiers point of view.

    People join the army to kill people. You can kill far more as a chef than the RA could ever manage :D

    Said in jest as Army Chefs tend to be more sympathetic when you turn up out of hours saying "I'm Starving."
  9. That's cos the RA aren't called "dropshorts" for nothing :wink:
  10. Go chef mate. a much derided job but I bet 99% of the ARREer's would never do it because it seems like to much hard work. Me included,

    When we were on execise, the Sloppy was one of the hardest working guys in our troop but he gets my respect when it's 0 degrees and you've been up 36 hours and looking at another location move to then be met with a cracking hot meal and Rhubarb crumble and custard.

    Morale +++
  11. Seconded. After two fighting patrols and a warning order for a third myself and others saw our arrse. What we didn't know was when we shouted up to say we were on our way back in off the second one our sloppo got up (early hours) and headed for the kitchen. He tipped up to our tent with would you believe it, Pancakes. I nearly cried. :D

    I never argued with him over "ONE SAUSAGE, ONE BACON, ONE EGG" ever again.
  12. be good if i could speak to a chef whats serving in the army now just cant make my mind up between the two because oviously with the gunner one i would see more action!
  13. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    Obviously Chef's don't get issued weapons and trained on Ex during training.
    Lets see, chef attached to inf - front line, RA - way way back.

    As a chef I was mine clearing on boxing day 1997 in bosnia. How much action do you want.

    If you want action, join the Inf, if you want to be lugging heavy weaponry around, jopin RA, but if you want a trade that girls wet their knickers for, be a man and become a chef.
  14. terroratthepicnic - Are you a chef in the army
  15. Yes you did. :D