Being a Bomb Disposal Specialist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dingerr, Jan 3, 2009.

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  1. Being RLC he wouldn't know a bomb if it came round his house and doggy-styled his granma.....
  2. :? :?
  3. If this was the NAAFI Bar I might pass comment on how you know what it's like when someone comes round your house and doggy-styles your grandma.

    I couldn't give a hoot what badge the chap wears in his headdress. They're a bunch of heroes regardless.
  4. Obviously looking for a bite

    Bored? Or are you Wedge?
  5. Well he does say "Bomb Disposal", obviously since he's RLC he desposes of IEDs and such. Not bombs. And they call him an expert on bombs too!

    And yes, I am RE, the corps that does actual bomb disposal.

    PS. Whats wrong with you lot, New Year turned you into grumpy buggers?
  6. RE or RLC, he's welcome to his job. Respect to the highest degree !
  7. ATO =ammo tech = bombs n bullets.
    Ex R.E. :roll:
    And I am a grumpy old git :wink:
  8. And when was the last time you actually disposed of any bombs?

    If you knew anything about it then you would know that the RLC deals with most of the EOD incidents in the UK, and not once do we need to use ASH to guide us through.
  9. I don't think he got his medal for stacking blankets !!
  10. By that then, you clearly assume the only two things conducted on tour are disposing of bombs and stacking blankets.

    You'll be a member of the 1st Mong Bn then.
  11. ASH?

    As you will gather I too am an old f@rt 8)
  12. It's a computer based recognition and RSP system the Wedges use...
    A sort of EOD Delia book :D

    ... Some People of course are allowed to make up RSPs as they see fit :wink:

  13. Not at fecking QQ you aren't. Oh no - the plan has to be checked by a smelly midget, a ginger w@anker and an ex- AT - and some other cnut they sometimes co-opt who would grip the sh1t of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Then they ask some cuenting stupid questions that make you want to beat them to death using any handy inanimate object such as the wnaker sitting next to them.

    The ginger tw@t suggested that an MRF fuzed shell could be set off by a seagull in its flight path :twisted:


    And Rant Off.

    A Delia cook book sounds nice though 8)
  14. ..what - like bolting down the burn trays perhaps?

    I would have thought you could get access to ASH in your current loc... possibly worth a try - just don't try to use it in bright sunlight as you can't read the screen (spot the man on the BD team with the cardboard box over his head - I kid you not! :D )