Being a Biff!!

Which one, you dunder-heed??

I'm guessing the Arrse Kennel club one.

If so;

Obviously, get rid of the bits where I've put NO SPACE and copy and paste it into 'My profile information' on your account - in your sig block.

Easiest way to see what I#ve put is to 'quote' my message and coppy the code.
radar260 said:
Still being a biff! This is what I have in my signature block -

Am I missing something?

Yes. Your missing the point that you need to get rid of what you already have in your sig block and paste in the [ img ] ...picture link ... [/ img ] bit in its place.
I'll stick to using JPA!! Alternatively I'll go back to manual documentation - takes longer but at least you know it's right! Thanks for the info Flash!

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