Beijing warns of war with Taiwan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 30, 2004.

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  2. The worlds going to hell in a hand-cart :(

    We're all doomed, doomed I tell ya 8O
  3. How long before Jackson says we can spare a Brigade :wink:
  4. A sally Army brigade maybe :roll:
  5. Maybe I should ditch the Norsk Kurs and start a Chinese course.

    No.24 Beef chow Mein Please! :)
  6. Now that would be a nasty one. All-out general war, Land, air and sea, with the potential of going nuclear. 8O

    Time to re-examine my PAX policy, methinks.
  7. Several million pissed off Chinese..... a small island prepared to defend itself to the death.... an unstable North Korea next door.... India and Pakistan both armed to the teeth with Nukes with no-one watching them.... long-term territorial dispute bbetween India and China....... the US Fleets hoving into view..... a nervous Japan..... and a watchful Russia on China's Northern border...... anti-beiling agitation in Mongolia and the muslim provinces..... All the makings of a great old fashioned ding-dong....yeah, should be a tasty one.... lets hope Bliar isn't power then cos he'd be tempted to get involved.

    Who needs the Middle East when you have all that???
  8. Or Taiwan could stop playing silly buggers and re-enter the fold a la Hong Kong?

    Yes I know we only rented Hong Kong , but Bush43 already made noises earlier this year that Taiwan needs to smell the coffee.
  9. I'm starting to dig now, full OHP and everything.
  10. BK!

    BK! Old-Salt

    Thank God we are part of a greater european co-prosperity sphere. That'll save us.
  11. The Taiwanese government ought to offer the mainland the opportunity of becoming part of Taiwan.
  12. Where are you, Tom Clancy, when we need you now to tell us in advance how it's all going to turn out?
  13. Hmmm....Better stop off at K-Mart tonight and pick up a couple extra boxes of 12 gauge shells. Couple of rolls of duct tape wouldn't hurt, either.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Take exception to this PTP.

    The New Territories were on a ninety-nine year lease, but the Island of Hong Kong was given to the British people in perpetuity. Which means that the Con Govt were handing away something that didn't even belong to them. To us lesser mortals that's known as theft & handling stolen goods ! Not that the present junta wouldn't have done the same or worse.

    OK, it would have been difficult for the Island to have made it on it's own, but the people living there are nothing if not adaptable, so the opportunity should have been available.

    Right, I've vented my bit of spleen on that subject, so back to the thread......

    Having spent no little time on Formosa, the whole place is organised for defence, so there'd be big time cas for any attacker. Not that makes the blindest bit of difference to the largest armed forces in the world, they've got BCRs aplenty !

    But for the govt there having to 'wake up & smell the coffee' ? That's like saying there's a bigger, stronger neighbour that wants your country - wake up and give it to them......?
  15. The Chicom forces might hesitate to risk the level of casualties and particularly equipment losses an invasion would entail, even if the Spams didn't intervene big-time. The Chinese are nothing if not pragmatic. Without a guaranteed result, they probably wouldn't take the chance of having their military infrastructure depleted to that degree. They'd lose most of their navy and a lot of their first-line fighters and strike aircraft.