Beijing 2008 - Predictions for Team GB Medal tally

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. With less than 48 hours to the opening of the Beijing Olympics and Team GB's respectable medal tally four years ago.

    Any predictions from ARRSEr's on who our winners will be this time around?

    If you want to sign up for alerts, or to keep track of events online: Team GB Official site.
  2. Rowing: Two golds (maybe three) and two further medals of any colour.

    Other sports: no idea.
  3. Cycling 4 can't see us getting anywhere near 41 though
  4. Beth Tweddle, from Cheshire/Liverpool, womens gymnastics.
    Could get a medal on bars or floor.
    ( World Champion on bars in 2006 )
  5. I notice there is no Team GB Pistol Shooting this year...
  6. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    shooting 1 x gold
    sailing 1 x gold
    rowing 1 x silver
    gymnastics 1 x bronze

    athletics - forget it
    swimming - forget it
  7. think sailing will get us a lot more than 1 medal - We did so well in Sydney and Athens - we have have a great team!

    Rowing is must though watching the coxless four on tv the other day I am seriously worried as they seem to injured!!!

  8. Bloody shame about the boxing lad who just got sent home - I thought he was a cert.

    Apparently GBR is the only country to have one at least one gold in EVERY olympics!
  9. You having a laugh? The womens quad, lightweight double, mens four, mens eight, mens single and possibly the mens pair all have good shots at a medal. The first two are the firm favourites for gold and its touch and go with the four.

    I agree about swimming. In athletics, we could see Andy Baddely bring home some metal.
  10. has he been a 'camp' for some time?
  11. Is Murray in the tennis? He would have a shot there.
  12. I saw something this morning that each country can have 3 Professional Footballers in their respective teams...

    I'll stick my neck out and say we will get 8 Gold and 31 other medals...

    Watch out for young Tom Daley in the Diving Team from Plymouth, he's only just turned 14!
  13. A quick butchers at the frankly awful team GB website says he is.

    Simon Burnett in the freestyle will hopefully do well in swimming.
  14. Campbell Walsh in the Mens Slalom Kayak. ( K1m )
    He won silver in Athens.
    Slalom is always a close call though.
    There are at least 10 guys that could win.
  15. Slightly off topic but has anyone noticed that the BBC advert for Beijing 08 is inspired by the oh so classic 'Mooooonkeey'. Also known as 'Monkey Magic' at some point.

    You got Piggy, Fishy (Whatever he was called), the bloke that was a bird and of course Monkey, his cloud and stick.