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Usually 31 Jul the following year, you could always check with your Adjt though, he will know.
If you pick up on the beige list, when do you wear the rank? Cheers
The answer you were given last month is not wholly accurate. In a reasonably large number of instances, people who Beige may already be wearing the rank or could wear the rank before July next year if they are in or move to a Major's post. Of course, initially the rank will be acting but the crown is worn and the pay starts. Come 31 July, the seniority date for substantive rank will be the same for all on the same list and everyone will have the rank on their shoulders by that date. In this way, apart from the lucky ones who get early acting rank getting some more dosh, everyone has the same starting point in the actual substantive rank.

The list is out by now - I just haven't seen it being in a backwater. Hope you got what you wanted.
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