Beige list dresses left by a fortnight

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Back_at_RD, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Any ideas what has prompted the shift to the left of the Volvo coloured last ever promotion list?
  2. Yes. There are not going to be any promotions to Major until the current redundancy phase is complete. The delay is due to uncertainty over how to best deliver the policy statement to the troops.
  3. Interesting, so why is the list being announced two weeks earlier? MSWeb had it's publishing date as 1 Dec rather than the more usual Thu before Christmas leave (15 Dec this year for instance). Or have I misunderstood you, and they're just going to make that announcement on the 1st?
  4. Well all the runners here have received letters saying whether or not they have filtered. The date for BeL results was until recently on MS Web as 15 Dec but it has now been changed to 1 Dec, and letters from desk officers reflect that. The conversion of commission list came out early this year freeing up the BeL to be brought forward. I hope there are going to be promotions this year!