Behold the ultimate in walt technology

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Goku, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Now the geeky walts need never leave their bedrooms :pc:

  2. spooky I was just about to post that. As geeky as it is, I want one. especially as it works with call of duty 2
  3. If they made them for the Xbox I'd be sad enough to want one!
  4. If you ramped up the volts and moved all the pressure pads around to your kidneys it might actually be funny.
  5. But £80? It's tempting.. =P
  6. It "simulates crushing explosions" - What? So it rips off your head, arms and legs and spreads them about the living room?

    Does anybody do a bundle with an Aquavac?
  7. FFS for a tenner I'll come round and give you a mild kicking which must be what this poofs vest does.

    I can't believe anybody is so sad to want to buy something that "simulates crushing explosions" to play's a game it's not real...
  8. But it'd be a funny game? Especially when you blow the sh1t outta your mates?
  9. Thats good enough for Geeks to crack off over.