Behind the times...

Just spotted this in last months Drumbeat - the heart of Tidworth life. :wink:

Drumbeat said:
The Minister for Defence for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Nikola Radovanovic, and the Chief of Defence, Lieutenant General Sifet Podzic, were visiting the UK to see how the British Army’s regimental system can preserve military heritage at the same time as being an effective and sustainable defence force.

Lt Col Patrick Sanders, Commanding Officer of the Royal Green Jackets, welcomed the Defence Minister and the Bosnian delegation, saying :
“The Royal Green Jackets exemplifies the regimental concept, combining a rich and revered history with a forwardthinking and distinctive ethos. We are only too happy to be able to offer our help and advice”.
Haven't we decided to get rid of the 'regimental system' as it was no longer sustainable for the modern needs of a modern network-centric army? Haven't the RGJ decided to amalgamate with the LI, to create what is, give or take, a nationally recruited uber-regiment?

- Oh well! If I don't work for us, lets give it to somebody else to fiddle around with.
- Hey! Why not give it to the Bosnians so they can create ethnically pure - oops, slip of the tongue - geographically recruited battalions.

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