Behind the Lines - 80s TV Doco

Hi all

I'm trying to get a copy of an 80s UK TV documentary "Behind The Lines", about the Royal Marine's Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre (as it was then).

It's for a friend who was a Mountain Leader in the cadre.

Hopefully someone will have a copy or know who the producers were so we can contact them directly!?

Any help and/or advice will be gratefully received!
Hi, Did you ever manage to locate of a copy of this series? I believe there was also a recap 10 years on, once all the candidates had been out in the field. I have a copy on VHS, which will soon find its way onto a DVD. Not too sure what the quality will be like but it's better than nothing :)


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It was on Youtube in about 10 parts once upon a time
Have you looked on there?
Hi, I am interested in the original series of "Behind the Lines" from 1984. It came out a year after I left. I remember it being on the front of Radio Times magazine "Ice Warriors". If you have a spare copy I am willing to pay.

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