Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 11, 2004.

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  1. A video posted today on an Islamic militant web site appears to show a group affiliated with al-Qaida beheading an American in Iraq, saying the death was revenge for the prisoner-abuse scandal.

    The video showed five men wearing headscarves and black ski masks, standing over a bound man in an orange jumpsuit who identified himself as an American from Philadelphia.

    After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and cutting off his head with a large knife. They then held the head out before the camera.

  2. Bet Amnesty Int won't have an opinion about it.......
  3. What outrage that may have existed in the US over the MP's conduct in Abu Ghrad prison is out the window now.

    Bad PR move on the part of AQ.
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder what our 'friend' Piers Morgan will have to say about it in his 'newspaper'???
  5. Nobody condoned the ill treatment of prisoners, but during the war when two Royal Engineers, afterwards when several RMPs were shown no mercy and finally todays event you can't help but think that you'd be better off topping the lot. They obviously class a mear beating as a sign of weakness and any compassion as a green light to take you for everything you've got.

    Executions to retaliate against some ill treatment? What sympathy the west had with any 'ill treatment' has just evaporated. That's with normal people. The 'bleeding heart' lefties will of course spout all sorts of traitorous ribbish about us forcing them to do it, and I include Amesty in that bunch.
  6. Well said Planty - it's truly sickening how the bleeding heart liberals (and stinking, unprincipled, immoral Daily Mirror journalists) can be so bloody selective about what they complain about.

    Personally, I'm all for dropping Piers Morgan and the Amnesty spokesperson from today's news into the market square of Old Basra with a big US flag tied around their necks. Let's see them moralise their way out of that.
  7. According to the BBC report, the captors had offered a prisoner exchange with the coalition authorities but they refused. I think it's the case now that the coalition are damned if they do and damned if they don't.

    There is something disturbing about this trend. "war crimes" are just that "crimes". Even the Nazis attempted to hide the killing of 6 million to some degree. But not only are these acts not hidden, but staged specifically for the camera and then proudly disseminated to the world. Normally we would get photos of the aftermath, or eye witness accounts. Here we get the images from the criminals themselves, to be their audience of the slaughter.

    it's going to get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better.
  8. Topping the lot? Considering we are there of our own accord to liberate them, killing them would seem a little drastic to say the least. As for the sympathy being gone, i highly doubt it. I still feel the Americans acted ****, and that they shouldn't be surprised so many of there lads are being killed, they don't seem to treat other as they would like to be treated.

    When this 'liberation' started we were all for it, even Joe public to a certain extent. We set out to save the Iraqis from a tyrant, and now on the whole people want to pack it in! They weren't worth it obviously, pity we only realised this after 53 brits had died and we destabilized a country even more. Top job we have done.
  9. Much talk of 'savagery' and 'barbarianism' on the various orbiting news providers this morning. While agreeing with the gist of much of the above, it's clear that the single thing which the Americans must not, repeat must not do is retaliate, for all of the very obvious reasons.
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I notice that Amnesty International has called for 'a full investigation'.

    So that's all right then.

    Perhaps The Mirror could take it on since they are so keen to 'expose shocking abuse'.
  11. You cannot condemn an entire nation for the actions of a few out of control lunatics who indulge in barbaric behaviour - now, I wonder who I'm talking about?

    Don't be sucked into a knee jerk response which provides support for extreme violent action against anyone - the reason that petrol was thrown on the fire of resentment against the Coalition was because those Abu Ghraib American personnel have acted in a way that they will justify by saying they have responded to extreme acts of violence.....................and so it goes on and on, tit for tat, justifying ever more extreme acts of violence - in a country we were supposed to be liberating!!!

    Extreme moral indignation is fine, but to act on it in a hasty, emotional and violent manner is both self-indulgent and ill-disciplined - precisely what the soldiers out there cannot afford to display.
  12. Spot on Prod.

    We're in that strange area where western values are applied to eastern standards. That's not to condone whats happened (it sickens me) but there should be attempts to understand why they do what they do.

    I believe they are an 'eye for an eye' culture and that they believe heavily in revenge. There should be no surprise therefore that they do this type of thing. The indignation they (as a race?) feel having women point at the genitals of a male and of the other acts committed at Abu Ghraib should not be underestimated.

    All the clap trap spouted about hearts and minds, - but do we understand their culture enough to actually win them over?
  13. Looking at the Mirrors website, they appear to totally ignore this horrific event, what a surprise.
  14. Actually, thats really no surprise at all. Piers will place all the blame on the coalition and none towards the perpetrators of this henious crime. Usual lefty shiite.

    What gets me is everyone is trying to put Western standards to understand these Fundamentalists, don't! They don't think like we do, thier everyday beliefs are totally alien. Thye view the West as decadent.

    This isn't racist crap, just truth. :?