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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. we all know how JB won the VC and how badly injured he was but how is he getting on? Is he recovered enough to resume his duties?
  2. This is not the correct place to discus Medical & Staff in Confidence of troops. You never no what journos or other folk may gleam. Thats not the sort of question you should be asking you muppet. Would you like folk discussing you ? No !! Grrrrrrrrr
  3. Why not? I am just hoping that he is doing ok and is back at work - what's wrong with that? Surely JB VC is now in the public domain and most of the civilised world know how he won the VC and got his injuries. So what's wrong with finding out if he is on the mend? Surely a great ad for the army and its ability to rehabilitate our troops? No big secret there - I'm not asking for a copy of hgis last confidential!

    I think your comments are a panicked reply - think about it the next time you touch the keyboard
  4. maybe phone the PWRR?
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sorry - I'm with 58' on this.
  6. and I'm with the Sex Machine on this one. What's wrong with finding out that one of our own has recovered from his wounds? The award of the VC and his appalling injuries were common knowledge across the media so what's so bad about someone concerned enough to ask how he is getting on? We are supposed to look out for our oppo's so instead of basking in his glory why can't we show some compassion?

    Are there any Tigers out there who can shed some light on the situation?
  7. Sorry sex-machine, the enquiry might be genuine, but it sounds suspiciously like a journo trying to source or pad out a story. An open forum is not the place to ask that type of question. Insulting the response of others to what they consider to be an inappropriate question is in itself a response that appears "panicked" (to use your word) which could make others even more suspicious of your motives.

    Medical details are and should remain confidential, until the subject of those details chooses to release them (or a coroner does!). Regarding his "being in the public domain", just because he has been on the news does not make any difference to his right to confidentiality.

    Why not send a "get well soon" card c/o PWRR, and see if there is any response to that?

    I hope he is recovering.
  8. maybe JB is an arrse member, and will tell us all himself :)
  9. Folks - a general 'I hope he's alright' type message is clearly fine, but as several learned ARRSErs have pointed out, posting actual medical details would not only be incredibly stupid, it would also contravene his rights and potentially cause all kinds of issues downrange.

    I know I don't have to preach on about this to you guys, but any possibility we could just let this thread whither away quietly...I'm sure everyone on this site wishes all injured soldiers a speedy recovery and a hassle free rehab.

    Lecture over - with my apologies.
  10. Here is a recent quote from the great man. It`s good to see him out and about.

  11. In the Mail/Express before the VC anniversary they had a an article about him and another VC winner. They said he has a desk job at MoD and was doing a lot of PR. Still not fit for duty though.

    The info is out there, just need to read it, so keep your wig on 58.
  12. And try rearranging the letters into the right words: gleam?
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