Beharry VC suicide attempt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Telecomsgeek, May 17, 2010.

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  1. I agree. Many on here will know that depression is an illness the same as breaking an arm or having appendicitus or whatever. Whatever his demons are, I hope he has overcome them or is in the process of doing that. Lot's of other young soldiers are no doubt going through similar experiences and maybe, Beharry's story might encourage them to get proper help.
  2. It's rather more complex than that as he's had a serious head injury. This often leads to big personality changes and depressive episodes as a direct result. It's often difficult to tell whether ABI sufferers are suffering from depression because they're depressed, as a result of the brain injury (ie as a cognitive change that the injury has caused not just loss of employment/physical function etc) or a mixture of both.

    It can also result in acts of great impulsivity like the one he discusses. It isn't easy to define what causes events like this sometimes.
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  4. And that Officer, is why I crashed my car doing a ton in a built up area!
  5. But just look at the fuel economy and the contribution to saving the planet.
  6. :D It may have been a serious cry for help that he's not getting rather than just a cock up, but it was certainly not a genuine suicide attempt. I hope it wakes up the politicians to the issue of psychological care, but equally many on here would do well to realise just how ineffective psychotherapy can be with some patients. It works for many (perhaps even most) but it isn't a magic bullet by any means.
  7. selfish cnut
  8. I refer you to my above post, it isn't as simple as this. As he's a serving soldier he'll have much easier and quicker access to a range of psychological interventions than a civilian would. Incidentally they're demonstrably more effective than anything else for anyone suffering from depression.

  9. I know they're demonstrably more effecitve than anything else, but thats partly because the other options are medication, alcohol or trips to the zoo to make you feel good. That doesn't change the fact that psychotherapy fails in a significant number of patients.
  10. I don't think he is the most decorated soldier in the British Army...that would be Corporal of Horse Michael Flynn CGC MC of the HCR if we are just talking gallantry awards? Not to mention quite a few officers with a couple of decorations e.g. a CB and a CBE.
  11. Jew_Unit. The aim of therapy is to replace clinical depression with common misery. It isn't to make you happy.
  12. what a throbber, fair enough if he wants to top himself thats up to him but why endanger other people ,theres plenty of ways to top yourself without endangering others and wantonly damaging tax payers property, however at least his poor taste in cars means he didnt write off something decent
  13. That is excellent, I may have to borrow that. :D

    Its not a famous quote is it