Beharry snubs Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Oh well that will cheer Johnson up, when he gets a letter from fucknuts addressed to Jason! Hopefully it will be type written and proof read before he sends it out!

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  3. BuggerAll

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    LCpl Beharry points out that his beef is with Brown the man not the politician. He is not making any comments about his policies but about his behavior.

    It is possible to be a complete sh1t and yet be an effective successful leader. Churchill, and Montgomery probably fall into that category and I'm sure most Arrsers have had personal experience of that type of leader.

    Unfortunately Brown is not one of these. Brown is ineffective and unsuccessful and he falls short as a man.
  4. Your man Broon the Goon is incredible! I just don't understand him. When he gets up of a morning, his very first thought must be: "What can I make a maximum fuck-up of today?".

    And this letter he's supposed to have penned seems to be a very recent development, obviously a damage-limitation exercise when he found out the story was about to blow. Despicable, thoroughly reprehensible tosser.

  5. Serving Soldiers shouldn't let themselves or their actions be politicised, particularly before an imminent election. Poor judgement by L/Cpl Beharry.
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  6. I bet you were as popular as Moron Brown in your unit.

    Well done Beharry VC.
  7. I was absolutely furious with him. All that was going through my head was to knock him out.

    Best line of the article-opposed as I am to random squaddie violence it would probably make the best political TV since Prescott got eggy.

    That besides, it is an individual's choice whom to shake hands with. I personally get the hump when I see COs (Toms can be forgiven given that they have probably been ordered to do it) throwing a salute up to politicians, other than those like Ashdown or Duncan-Smith who were serving officers.
  8. See here numbnuts, I wasn't a political entity in my unit nor did I ever publicly snub the Prime Minister. Like many many thousands of other Soldiers, I did my job for Queen, Country and my mates with no drama. And to specifically answer your question, I was the same as the next bloke in my unit, no more, no less.
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  9. It'll be addressed correctly, but the contents will be handwritten in big splodgy pen, starting: "Dear Jason Barry..."
  10. RP578

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    Who salutes politicians? Seriously. I know that the American President is head of state and CinC, so gets the wave from US Armed Forces, but the PM and other pols aren't entitled and have never seen that to be honest.
  11. To be fair he does make it clear he is not commenting on politics but it was in response to what he viewed as unaccetable behavior.
    Its personal, not political
  12. Why the hell not?
    If it helps get rid of this idiot and his cronies well done Johnson!
    Perhaps the next lot will spend a little more money in the right places.
    I see no poor judgement, just a bloke with big balls. But then we knew that.
  13. Aye, it's always good for democracy when your country's future is dictated by a foreign media billionaire oligarch. Hoorah.