Beharry makes lance jack

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cretin, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Saw it in the Telegraph yesterday. Can't find it online though. Good for him - I expect they didn't want to have a Beharry building at Sandhurst with Wills kowtowing to a private soldier. And an infantyman, no less.

    Also mentioned he's still downgraded - poor chap.
  2. This was a thread yesterday - but it rates another one. Agreed - good job too and richly deserved.

    LCpl Beharry VC deserves all the luck and fortune that life can throw at him - I wish him and his ilk the very best. What is truly gratifying is that most soldiers, sailors and airmen are from a similar mould - the cream of society and that is why the British Forces are, without a shadow of a doubt, the very finest in the world. Gives an old, retired fart a feeling of pride that brings a lump to the throat on occasion.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well Done That Man!!!!
  4. well done to him,how can he get promoted ,when he's downgraded
  5. Now that's a bit churlish! Probably done more for promotion than you and I ever did!
  6. He can do what he fcuking wants in my opinion as long as he's got that medal on his chest. Well done LCpl Beharry! BZ
  7. Wel done LCpl Beharry VC,

    Thoroughly deserved I think and I would never begrudge him his tape despite being downgraded. I'm surprised, to be honest, that they hadn't promoted him in the three years since his gallant acts!!
  8. Well done to Lcpl Beharry VC but fcuk it, apart from the pay why would he need it? The little purple ribbon means more than any other badges ever will.

    Everyone below HMQ has to throw one up to him first and rightly so.

    He's been downgraded and can no longer be a field soldier, how long do you think a man of his obvious courage and character will want to be tied to a desk.

    I'll give him 2 years tops left in uniform before he jumps and then hopefully he will make his fortune elsewhere.

    Whatever he decides to do, I wish him luck. His only fault is that he doesn't drink because surely if he did, he'd never have to pay in a bar ever again.
  9. Total respect... I am not worthy
  10. Well, he's already got his book and some serialisation deal with the Telegraph. No doubt when he's out there'll be a TV film too. I expect he wouldn't do too bad.

    Personally, I'd give him a bayonet and put him in the next Big Brother house.
  11. Well done L/Cpl Beharry VC
  12. Fantastic news.
  13. Couldn't find the Telegraph piece but these appeared yesterday and today:

    And this:

  14. Well done that man
  15. Well done Johnson - keep it up!

    As for dissenters - I personally know of a fat useless cnut who was medically downgraded but still went on ops and even made WO2.

    At least the pay rise will come in handy and help in his recovery