Beginning the process - Movement Controller.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by WasAKingo, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, 1st post so be gentle.

    Bit of background: I'm 28 and looking to join up as a Movement controller. I joined up as a 16 year old but left half way through P2 Catterick, too young not ready etc etc, but after 12 years on civvy street am ready to get back involved.

    So movement controller is the roll that appeals the most, with petroleum operator and logistics specialist (Supply) getting honorable mentions, and was wondering if there was any advice or tips on my thyought process upto now.

    Is being 28 (29 by the time i really start) going to be a huge issue / hinderance for me in training and beyond? IS the trade i'm looking at a good one or one to be avoided? etc etc....

    Like i say any tips, advice or warnings would be much appreesh....

    Thanks in advance.
  2. P2 Catterick? Was you a Kingo?
  3. Phase two training at Catterick.
    Officially i was in the Kings regiment though obviously i never really made it that far...
  4. And you were officially not in long enough to notice an obvious "Waah!" in progress.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Everyone who has tried something else ends up in the RLC eventually...
  6. Just to be absolutely clear MovCons are deeply unpopular all of the time not just when they screw up. I could start a rant about why that is so, but it has all been done before.

    With a bit of luck they will be rationalised into the Army Air Wing as part of the Defence Review.
  7. The Corps has got a pause on recruiting for this year as all trades have met their targets (as have the REME and most other capbadges that would take a 28 yo). So the lesson here, as you will be too old next year, is don't give up so easily or you will have to accept the consequences - the consequence here is that you have missed the boat.

    Don't waste any more time chasing the unachieveable (joining the Army) - instead identify what else you would like to do in life. Sorry but better to be honest and manage your expectations.
  8. You could try the RAF; they have a Movements trade.
  9. Isn't the upper age limit 32 and 11 months now? Still says that on the army jobs website.
  10. A Kingo wanting to be a mover? I suspect lots of "lost" luggage