Beginning of the End ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mighty_Blighty, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. People still voting for them though! :?
  2. One day the polulace may wake up and see New Labour for the bunch of f**king w**kers they are.

    However with the apathy of the British public at present, I ain't holding my breath! :roll:

  3. I think the real problem is, there is no party worthy a vote at the moment, thats why, parties like the BNP and UKIP are getting more votes, I think when it comes to the General Elections next year though, fekkin labour will win again - and then they'll realy go to town on and shoot, watch and shoot..
  4. It appears that this is a seismic shift. 2 voter groups - Asians and the "progressive" middle classes have firmly jumped ship to the Lib Dems from Labour. Labour will never get them back, and will struggle even if Bliar goes. That only leaves some eurosceptic pro-war working classes (that's what they would call themselves) doggedly sticking with Labour, as well as the apparachik scum that have invested too much in Bliar's party. Although the Tories took a slagging today for coming third, they were not relevant in either contest and rumour of their demise are wide of the mark.

    Losing a 10,000+ majority (20% swing!) in a safe seat is cataclysmic and no anti-Tory jibes can disguise this. The question is, when will the Labour Party realise how much of a liability Bliar is? The by-election last year was portrayed as an anti-Iraq protest, the council and European elections this year were portrayed as anti-Iraq protests and we are hearing it yet again. Bliar is living on borrowed time and if the party don't ditch him soon, he will get the heave-ho after the next election as their majority is slashed. Ahh, it is a joy to behold!!! :twisted:
  5. I was there last night.

    Those who know me, will have seen me get arrsey on the Telly :D

    Oh, and I felt using the Uxbridge? quote suitably amended "Remember your homes, wives, sweethearts and Liberal Party" was fitting.

    We had a great bunch of boys and girls involved, the Police only had to caution me 4 times at the count - lol Once for calling a Labour MP a twat , when he tried to large it to the press :twisted: Oh, and being told by a nice Police Inspector to "get a grip of my people"

    I'd like to thank Lembit Opik who looks in on this site regularly, for the hard work he put in yesterday, from o-dark-30 to 22.00 and beyond , we bloody nearly had it.

    Nicola is knackered , but very pleased with the result we got, and as I errrr diplomatically had to remind the Labour MP last night , 460 votes ain't nothing to crow about.

    Unfortunately, it appears we lost, because Galloways "Respect" party lifted a few of our votes. I'm not guessing at that, the Respect candidate actually apologised last night (Bless him) for denying us the victory we deserved

    I wish you all had been there, to see the faces of the Labour activists when the Leicester vote came in. Ashen , I think is not strong enough, for a glorious 15 minutes, they were running around like headless chickens, while the boys and girls cheered heroically, and really ripped the p'iss.

    I'd like to thank all the people involved , who came in and worked their arrses off , turning a 11,600 majority into a 460 narrow escape.

    I'm not saying the LibDems can now be regarded as the oppositon , but did you see the Tory result last night?

    It proves that 30 boys and girls, working hard in a seat, can make a difference.

    I'm really proud of everyone involved, we nearly had it, and reducing a majority of 11,000 down to 460 , is cause enough for celebration.

    PTP - Scourge of Tree huggers and Labour activists
  6. Yeah, I thought the atmosphere at the count seemed a little bit tasty. Nice of the Galloway Party to say sorry. Cnts
  7. It nearly got right tasty in the car park afterwards , only the timely intervention of the West Midlands old Bill stopped Sky having an extra PPV event to broadcast :D

    Don't know who the gobby Labour fat tw8t was , but he was right brave with 10 of his people around him. Mind you , I was surprised at the number of Liberal boys and Girls up for the row. Not very "Liberal PC touchy-feely" last night I fear. :twisted:
  8. It kicked off in the Liberal club bar - and someone nearly lost a sandal! Mind you, if the tories can have a convicted drug dealer on Folkestone council I suppose the Libs can take up violence...fisticuffs are usually a Labour/trade union thing, see John "One Punch" Prescott, the ASLEF barbecue brawl, the chap who got pushed into a liftshaft in the 70s
  9. PTP - well done, good result!

    Listened to various Labour MPs, especially John Reid, trying to spin the result on radio, and failing miserably.
  10. Well done PTP and I thought politics was boring! Need any more help next time, I'll lend a hand, unoffically of course :wink:
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    PTP - while you are on an all time high following the Liberal gains last night, would you remiond the rest of the ARRSE readership of the Liberal party policy on defence matters in general? Where do you stand, for example, on the (shortly to be announced) cuts in all 3 services, loss of various front line aircraft types, surface ships, submarines etc I assume since your party opposed the war in Iraq that you would now support an immediate unilateral withdrawl by the UK. Would you keep us in Afghanistan and NI?
  12. Chimera,

    Right now, I have no idea what the official policy is. There are some overhauls of thinking taking place.

    The party standpoint on Iraq is , the reasons given, were too flimsy to support military intervention. The war was opposed , loudly by Charlie K et al, and still is. However, the Party support for the Boys and Girls in the Sandpit , has never wavered.

    I don't know the viewpoint at senior level on troop deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan , and the NI question needs to be answered by someone way outside my pay scale.

    I have emailed a LD MP , and asked him if he'd like to provide an answer to your questions.

    However, as Paul Keetch proves over and over again, we continue to press The Hoon on issues concerning Forces well being, equipment, manning control etc.

    Yes we are up ourselves today over Leicester and Hodge Hill. maybe now, Bluppet will actually listen to what the British people have been screaming at him?

    A By-Election is not a general election by any means. But the results last night, have certainly encouraged the Party to greater ambitions. :D

    Dui-Lai and Viro , thanks, it was very satisfying to be a small part of the result last night :)
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    PTP. Many thanks. Look forward to the update by your MP friend.

    Wouldn't like to think that your victory was a single issue protest vote would we.....