Beginning of the end for BFG?.UK married quarters??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armies, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. From reading various posts and reading newspapers, it appears that many units over the next 5 years are preparing to return to the UK. Seems alot of British forces barracks in BFG are being given back.

    My question is, is BFG pretty much coming to an end??...if so, its got to be for money issues??...

    Another point is uk married quarters, alot of them have been sold off and sold to housing companies. Question is, where do they expect the forces to live, once they get to the UK?...

    Lets face it, marries quarters estates, particularly in the Home countie must be worth a fortune. So MOd gets them at a cheap price...then some greedy politicans see this as a way of earning money and sells to housing companies.

    Example Aldershot..that place could be a gold mine for housing, particularly with the newish pads estates they have built over the past 20 odd years. If sold to civie companies, the MOd could make a fortune. Why stop there?..

    Future doesnt look too bright does it??..typical governement, sees an idea but do not think it through long term.
  2. spike7451

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    One of the questions that has always bugged me about the withdrawl of first the RAF & now the Army is are the US Forces withdrawing as well?
    I would't be suprised of the Brit Army withdraw to one main main base,say Javelin Barracks to save money but also to still have a presence in Germany &,more importantly, Europe.
    If we do withdraw completely then we may as well forget about being a credible military force in the EU.
  3. As far as i am aware, over the next few years Gutersloh Garrison will become the new place for British Forces. As the inevitable closure of JHQ looms, most of the land space there will be given back to Germany. Now this could be wrong but this is how i read it at the moment. :?
  4. So much 'Army' land and so many Married Quarters have been sold off by this disgusting government, who regard the Armed Forces as a combination of a threat or a nuisance, that there is nowhere to put 'BFG'.

    Be careful though what you post on here - anything anti-Brown, anti-Browne, is distinctly frowned upon and could lead to arrest! - or, if you are lucky, 'lock-out' or 'deletion'.

    PS. Free-speech is a luxury unlikely to last for much longer.
  5. There are some garrisons that will stay for the forseable future as is the case in Paderborn as mentioned in the local rag a few weeks ago, the time lines they quoted were 2015 to 2020. As far as I'm aware the US forces are still a force of occupation which is a different ball game.
  6. Why? The Germans don't have bases in UK, the Italians don't have bases in France. Why do we have to have bases in someone elses country where we were for an historical reason no longer valid to be active partners in european defence?
  7. munster is not closing as the medics are staying there and 8 regt rlc are taking over from the rlc
  8. My bold

    I think there is a German barracks in S.Wales
  9. The only reason we're still in Germany is that it's too expensive to move everybody back to the UK, with nowhere to put us all. Sadly Munster and Osnabruck will draw down over the next 2 years....regiments are already on the move.

    The German regiment refered to was a tank regiment that were stationed at Manobeer on the coast of gone.
  10. Once again, why let the truth get in the way :roll:

    I think you will find that most of the MOD stock was sold to Annington Homes ltd in 1996 under a PFI lease back arrangement.

    Remind me again who was the government of the day in 1996 :?
  11. WTF!! 8 Regt is in Catterick, and the medics are long gone from Munster, indeed they have been in Preston for almost 15 years now!
  12. The US Army has scaled down it's presence in Germany considerably and continues to do so, a number of German based units have returned direct to the US following tours in Iraq. However they still have a long way to go and are likely to remain in Germany for many years yet.
  13. Yep - there is a 10 year plan to move all Tps back to UK (although, this is the same 10 year plan which was instigated in 1993).

    All Units will eventually be repatriated to UK - my Unit was supposed to be back there next year, but this has been slipped to 2014 due to housing, schooling, doctors.... you know the mundane stuff.

    Just another example of forethought and planning.... but sure enough we will all be back in UK eventually.
  14. Osnabruck is supposed to be closing next year
    There is now a rumour going around that at least 2 camps may be staying due to lack of Qtrs etc in Uk.

    Does anyone know different ?
  15. Quite right to correct me here:

    Delete: 'this disgusting government',
    Insert: 'these disgusting governments'.

    1996 not a good year for me as mostly spent in the Balkans, including being kept in the army for eleven months beyond 55th birthday.

    Can't remember the government, was the the Liberals?