Beginning of the end for 7 Regt?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by radarboy, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. I just read that the Gazelles of 3 Flt did a flypast over Stirling on Jan 8th as "a prelude to formal disbandment". Does this spell the beginning of the end for 7 Regt? Can anyone confirm? I always thought it was a crazy decision! I guess there are just 6 weeks left now!

    I also heard that there is a new review of Reserve Forces underway. I'd hate to think that the powers that be decide that 7 Regt was a great idea, just after they disband it!!

    I guess I'm ever hopeful (or plain naive) that there will be a last minute reprieve... :(
  2. 7 Regt is continuing

    Won’t be (V) and will be flying much more than Gazelles though :wink:
  3. The plot thickens!! Now I'm really confused :? All the news I'm reading is that 7 Regt is still for the chop and March 31st is the last day...

    CAARPS, your message is cryptic! This wouldn't have anything to do with "Their" new Dauphins would it?! :idea:

    In any case, will Netheravon still be 7 Regt HQ??
  4. 7 Regiment (V) expires on 31 Mar 09, all personnel are moving on, TA pilots are being thinned out, Netheravon will cease to be a permanent AAC flying base. The title is being passed on to Flying Wing at Wallop...any clearer?
  5. Crystal! So besides the number plate being passed on (very cunning I think, BTW! A good way of losing a Regiment without losing a Regiment!), my original post is essentially correct.
  6. Yes

    And so was mine :D
  7. Can confirm the flypast as i was in one of the cabs.7 Regt closing pissu..a mean party is on the 17th Feb.Then individual Flts and Sqns having there tea parties.
  8. Any Invites for us Ex 7 reg Vets..... 8)