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Spanish Daves kind donation of Holidays in villas for deserving causes still stands and sooner than see them go empty its thought that we could do our best to fill them, along with some assistance from already over stretched Regimental associations.

There is a small amount left over from the previous campaigns, however the 3 Para guys flights, due to them being at peak times (only time he is able to travel) came in quite a way over planned amount.

I know this looks like we are never happy and always want more, but blokes are still returning home with lumps missing etc and I don't see it being something that's going to end soon. Therefore anything we can do to help is appreciated, and like the previous campaigns the effect is immediate.

Flights are around £100 - £130 per person return. And Dave had 18 - 20 Weeks available.

Negotiations are under way for a possible 15% discount on a block booking of flights. A hire care also costs £35-£45 per week and am sure that could be reduced significantly if we kept it out for a block period.

Our first family fly out on 1st April and others are booked in and paid up for timings later in the spring and summer.

Dig deep folks, lets get as many as possible to the sun, this time without the Taliban trying to harm them.


or Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 77-51-01
Acct No: 54713568
C. Lee

HSBC bank

Sort Code: 40-02-00
Acct No: 22286017
C. Lee

If we can get to £1500 I will publish the rather embarrassing bank statement and Paypal transaction notes, that have caused me no end of trauma and humiliation from the bank and accountant. :D

Dig out your auction items, get yer wallets out, its just been payday. Please help me continue the efforts from before and after Christmas.

Aside from the Holidays, there is also, from the same kitty a collection for a couple of very deserving, very real time welfare cases, one PTSD sufferer needs urgent plumbing and assistance in dealing with a Utility company, its a £200 outstanding bill, and a warrant for a Pre payment meter is being obtained..... This would see him breach of his tenancy agreement and a further fallout with a landlord. This would see an already paranoid, worried and ill veteran back on a park bench within a week or two (He's spent enough time on one of those)

I've heard several cases, and thankfully have managed to steer SSAFA and ABF to them, sadly sometimes they just can't act fast enough.
Spanish_Dave said:
The reality is that if we cant fill the weeks in Spain I am going to have to go cap in hand and give them back as they can be rented out, believe me I dont want to do that, I am sure there are some well deserving people out there and I am sure a lot of you know who they are!!
We cannot be letting that happen Dave


Cider & Pasty consumption about to take another reduction. Are you an agent of the kitchen gestapo?
What does a fat cow like me need food for any way. I'm sure my reserves will last if I miss a weekly shop. Not sure the hubby will mind, but needs must :D
'kin hell MDN, I'm going to have to sell the kitchen sink next.

OK then an iPod nano is up for grabs this time. The first one to send MDN 25 quid can have it.

PM me once you've paid the man with your address and I'll send it out.

Edited to add its only a 2GB version and not the most recent gucci ones. Music only and photos, but no video.
£20 on its way


minister_doh_nut said:
I assumed with your varied and robust sex life you where younger than that. I presume that answer’s the hamster question as they are still in the cage and do not require chasing.
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