Beggar Jailed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by singha61, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Facing jail: professional beggar who fleeced the public but lived in £300,000 house

    A £50,000-a-year beggar who was banned from working the streets of London has been arrested again.

    Simon Wright is facing jail after he was spotted begging in Leicester Square, weeks after magistrates handed him an Asbo banning him from begging in the capital.

    The 37-year-old provoked outrage last month when it was revealed that despite sitting each day in ragged clothes outside NatWest in Putney High Street with a handwritten sign saying he was “homeless and hungry”, he would return each night to a £300,000 flat in Fulham.
    A court heard that he could rake in around £200 a day in handouts from commuters at his pitch near Putney Bridge Tube station.

    Wright was spotted by Westminster city council street wardens in Leicester Square on Tuesday, who alerted police. They approached him and told him to move on.

    But after warden Tom Walsh told officers who he was, Wright was arrested and bailed to appear at Westminster magistrates’ court later this month. However, just half an hour later, he was spotted begging in Coventry Street, but had moved off before police arrived.

    Councillor Nickie Aiken, Westminster’s spokeswoman for community protection, said: “It is his sheer audacity that anyone would find so galling. This is why we have our team of street wardens, it was a great spot to bring it to the police’s attention.

    “A lot of people handing him money won’t be earning anywhere near the £75,000 you would need to make before tax. Wright is not an isolated case, there are plenty more beggars like him, all looking equally pitiful.

    “So, once again, we urge people not to pay money to people on the streets. Even those who are genuine cases should not be encouraged to do so. Our teams will go out and offer help to anyone in real need.”

    Facing jail: professional beggar who fleeced the public but lived in £300,000 house - Crime - News - London Evening Standard

    Looks like begging pays better than a real job, where do I apply? Don't give money to beggars
  2. How do they know he takes £50k a year? Does he complete a tax return?
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  3. She's full of shit!
  4. I've heard before that some street beggars can "earn" up to £200 per day in some parts of London.
    Talking about "earning money" On a tv show once a restaurant worker looked out the window and said that a parking meter outside earns more money per hour then he did !!
  5. Fair call.
  6. Ahh 'The Man with the Twisted Lip' (Sherlock Holmes),yes it does pay to beg and you can have a decent lifestyle if you are good at it but you must pay your taxes.
  7. Dingerr. Fair play to him apart from the small matter of not paying any tax! If he is clearing £50k pa he is earning the equivalent of £75k pre tax!

    So for what he is pulling in he should be making a contribution to society (like everyone else earning £50k a year) not making a virtue out of his decision not to claim benefit.

    Having seen clerks 'at work' we all know sitting around looking sad is a legitimate form of employment - and they have to pay taxes.

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  8. First weekend in June I travelled south with my SBT to pick up the new pooch. On the way down I had a wait for the train so took my dog for a walk, had some brekkie and then sat outside Aberdeen station for a smoke. Some well meaning bloke seeing a one legged scruffy twat sat on a bench with a scruffy rucksack and scruffy dog came over and offered me a pound. I was going to come out with some witty response such as "No thanks, it'll put me over the tax threshold" or "Dogs not for sale mate" but it came out as "**** Off".

    Going to get there earlier next time and see how much money I can make before I get on the train ...
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  9. So, he cuffs it a bit on the 'hard luck story' side and doesn't claim benefits. What's the problem? There are those who cuff it and do claim benefits and they never see the inside of a cell. He's doing nothing more than businesses and advertising agencies...telling you lies and fleecing you, but for them it's called commerce. He's a businessman. He's selling a story which isn't true and you're buying it. Just like those people who sell you cars which don't do the advertised miles per gallon which drew you to the car showroom in the first place. You don't need to buy the car, just like you don't need to give him money. You're not forced into either.
  10. I totally agree, but also looked at it from another angle. At least if he's begging you have the choice of 'paying' him. If he claims benefit he still pays no tax and you have no choice in 'paying' him with your taxes.
  11. I've just looked it up and am surprised to find its a criminal offence to beg.
  12. What if he registered himself as a charity? Would he have to pay tax then?
  13. Is it a criminal offence to sit with a hat in front of you even if you don't actually ask people for money ?