befriending a storeman for personal gain.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by easy-wan-kenobi, May 26, 2006.

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  1. ok there is a specific method of doing this, im uncertain of how. i am more of the direct "got any gucci shit you wanna give me, fella" .... usually when the QM is in earshot too. needless to say it doesnt work

    how can you make it look like you actually like this person in order to get kit out of them. any tips for idle chit chat?

  2. Start in the bar with a pint or to. Dont actually buy him his drinks but make conversation and get into a round with him therefor making him think your a mate rather than another bloke trying to get gucci kit. Follow this up with a couple of passing hellos in the QM's then next time your in the bar ask him if he can get you something. Something not to gucci that would be quite easy to get yourself anyway but you need to make him feel like he's needed. Then slowly build up to the biggies. Ok it means trying to have conversation with a storeman but most of them understand small words.

    Or you can always just find a female storeman, get her drunk, bum her, steal her underwear (or maybe take some photo's) then ransom it for gucci kit.
  3. Most of our stores women are extremely butch - it could be hard work.
  4. Do you want those new lowas or a gps through the system?
  5. LOL...everyone respects a strong work ethic. Even our hideous dungaree-wearing, flat-topped Sapphic sisters! :wink:

  6. You sound like a fcukin expert !!!!!!!!!!! Well done Sir.

  7. Sod the subtlety, I've never yet met a storeman you coudnt bribe with good porn, they're all dirty ba$tards, its got something to do with spending so long in the dark and drinking enough tea to sink a small fishing boat.
    You rock up at the QMs with half a dozen fresh cellophane wrapped copies of "Sweaty Mingers" or "Rank Flange & Heavy Weapons Monthly" and a new pair of Lowas will be yours before Normans thread of drool hits the counter.
  8. I've known guys who've given me a full issue of kit with no written record of me ever receiving said kit and I've known cnuts who've charged me for one cs95 t-shirt. Whats worked for me is just being matey with them. I knew one guy who was an ex-pongo and I asked him a few dits about his old regiment and he loved it. Eventually, I had to dodge incoming pieces of kit. Saved me a potentially horrendous C126ing by making the evidence 'disappear'. Good bloke he was!
  9. I always found that circumventing the software protection on the office PC so that they can install games works quite well. Of course, that only works if you are an IT geek.
  10. so true.
  11. I run a stores and I'm desperate for friends. Please be my friend.

    You can have anything on the shelves if you're nice to me.
  12. Who said romance was dead? Sir, I salute you
  13. Withold their medication and only deliver it when you require the big favour/kit sign off
  14. [quote="Thebull140"Or you can always just find a female storeman, get her drunk, bum her, steal her underwear (or maybe take some photo's) then ransom it for gucci kit.[/quote]

    you fcuked up with yours though most of the regt had already been there first
  15. Would stealing be in order, or is that a no no?