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Discussion in 'REME' started by lacrabat, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. What equipment should be included in this highly useful aid to production ? Do I go as far as including things such as staplers and hole punches or do I lean it and just put pencil sharpeners in ?

    I can't seem to find any definitive reference in any AESP and I know how important this all is. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.........
  2. Now now VG, the REME are not here to "repair" things as you so naively put it but to ensure that all processes are managed effectively and in a manner which reduces waste. The question you should be asking yourself is "Where is the value?"; if you can't see it, bin it. Where is the value in getting tradesmen to repair equipment when they could be better employed on leadership days or carrying out engineering tasks on serviceable equipment purely for "training value"?
  3. Although I feel your pain thinking that the Before Use is not an aid to production, it is an aid to the safety of you and others, and it is over zealous Tiffies, ASMs and OCs who want everything recorded.

    You may have heard of PUWER regulations before, which are legal requirements to carry out, small extract below

    What I would say is there are certain items which are required to be checked and recorded in a register and are stated in the AESPs, these include Lifting Tackle, Jacks, Axle Stands and Welding Gear etc. If you stick to the AESPs and guidance as to what you are inspected on during ECI, H&S etc, I wouldn't worry about a register for the nif naf and trivia........unless you ASM wants one!
  4. Checking the kit before use is an aid to health & safety, recording the fact you've done it isn't. Part of gaining competency for using the particular item of equipment is checking it before hand and should be taken as a given that this is being carried out. If it isn't then that's down to the tradesman, he takes the risk and should therefore take the blame if it goes wrong. Otherwise why bother with the whole competency regime.
    When I took my motor into a civvy garage for a new tyre the other day the bloke who changed it didn't fill in a load of paperwork before using the trolley jack, tyre removing machine or the balancing machine, he just got on with the job.
    I was amazed he managed to walk away with all his limbs intact....... :D
  5. Absolutely kills me to watch a tech sign the usual alpha/charlies for the tool, then sign the health data sheets so they know not to rub the liquid from the lube gun in their eyes, or infact eat it THEN sign a BUI book to say they have inspected it and are happy its serviceable. All this for 5 minutes work to find they needed a different kind of lube :D
  6. Your original question was asking what to put in the register and I said if you stick to the AESPs and guidance as to what you are inspected on during ECI, H&S etc.

    Good point, well presented...! the choice is yours, comply with what is required for the annual inspections (which usually consists of filling in a register with 5 different pens and rubbing oil on the pages) or don't bother doing anything and tell your argument to the team that comes around.

    Or you could even look into the H&S regulations, find out exactly what we are mandated to do and raise your findings to Puzzle Palace at Aborfield. You may get the large FO tablet, but then again you may not!

    If you think you are right, I would go for the last choice, I always like a good argument, and sometimes.....people listen!

    I am with you by the way, but after years of stating the bleeding obvious, with my time left to do.....I seem to care less and less! :lol:
  7. I doubt any argument I'd present would get too far, after all I'd only have common sense on my side. The "enemy" will no doubt have reams of rules and regulations all misinterpreted in translation from the civilian equivalents.

    I think caring less and less may well be the future........ :lol:
  8. If you read the legislation outlined in JSP 375 (if they ever stop amending it) and understand the phrase "reasonably Practicable" and apply it, fcuk off the H&S insp team/ECI/LSI teams as long as you have done everything within your time/experience/power/manpower allocation and are prepared to produce your evidence at a coroners court :policecap:

    If you don't have the Chutzpah, follow every Insp team IC's version of the applicable Legislation and work overtime to comply :rmp:

    If you're paid the dosh to manage, manage; if not pass the buck 8O