Before 'it' starts....!

A man walks into his house, slams the door, takes off his hat and coat, drops them in the hall and sits down in his living room, turns on the TV and shouts through to his wife in the kitchen, "Quick, get me a beer before it starts!"

She dutifully brings him a beer and disappears back into the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, "Get me another beer before it starts!"

Once again she appears, a little angry looking this time, and gives the second beer to him and disappears back to the kitchen.

After the beer has been drunk, same thing again, "Hurry, get me another beer before it starts!"

This time the wife storms into the living room and rants, "You come home, slam the door, drop your coat and hat in the hall, sit there and stick the TV on, don't even say hello or give me a kiss and just order me to bring you beer.....!"

"Oh fuck, it's started!" the man exclaims!
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