Before I waste everyone's time...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stiffnah, May 29, 2012.

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  1. starting TSC(A) and using up petrol/money/space;

    - Is there a point in my continuing if I'm trying to build a career and won't be putting in for Herrick 35 (or whatever) straight away when I finish training ?

    - Is it worth discussing this epiphany with the PSAO/whoever ?

    I understand that the army/TA are slowly giving up on being separate entities, but I had thought that there might be a place for someone that might do the odd tour, would put in the effort on the weekends etc, but does not want to be a part time soldier in the most literal sense.

    (I work in a bloody competitive environment - telling the management that I want to go off for gongs and explosions because some of the lads at the TAC will give me nasty looks otherwise won't quite do it.)

    An honest question, prompted from a (very new, not even sewn on the TRF) recruit after reading through the 'SNCO Enablers' and '9 Recruits turned away' threads.
  2. To discuss the Epiphany, please see the Padre, Father Jack.
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  3. Yes. Although you might want to get your Bullshit meter recalibrated if threads on this august site have made you wobble.
  4. Fair point. I should probably stop reading fifty pages of ARRSE at at time !
  5. Ask Dinosaur_Poo, he know everything about everything!
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  6. ha, don't it'll send you loopy

    You mentioned you won't be doing Herrick after training. I don't think you'll be wasting anyone's time if you did that, your intent appears to be to delay a tour.
  7. I just read your post.

    You've just wasted my time.
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  8. If you've got the intent to do a tour at some point in the near future, go for it. No need to do a tour straight away whatsoever, but I'd say if you haven't put your name down for one within 6 years then you might be pushing it a bit, but at the end of the day it's up to you.

    However if your intention is to never go on tour, then don't join.
  9. There won't BE any herrick so don't worry - be happy.
  10. I think we will be in Afghanistan for a while yet (even if apparently not in the numbers that we are now).

    I don't dispute what you say about HERRICK.

    NATO says al-Qaeda No 2 in Afghanistan killed - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

    (Interestingly, I saw this on Al-Jazeera english this morning and it is still difficult to find this in other media).

    But it would appear that the problem is still there. Cleverer people than me will no doubt wonder what to do about it (if anything).

    I just think there'll still be work and tours in the future.

    But like theblindking says, you'll grow your whiskers and it is good to work out who's full of it, who you can trust and who is best to spend more time listening to than others.

    Good life skill that, they should put it on the sabre website.
  11. Is not the point of the TA to be the Army which protects the Territitory? Like a home guard of sorts? Then if he doesn't want to go on tour, he shouldn't be hassled by others for it. As long as he's committed to defending East Fuckwithshire from the Rumanian hordes (or whatever), then I say cheers to him. Leave the overseas adventurism to real soldiers; those with no real prospects of a normal civvy life, and little more to offer than their lives.
  12. What you say does have some element of truth in it, but since Iraq the emphasis on the TA has changed. Since 2003 the TA has been used effectively as an Army Reserve rather than a home guard type force. The focus through FR20 etc is all about supplying support and casualty replacement to regular army battlegroups. Right the way from the start it is made clear to recruits that the likelihood is that they will at some point go on operations, and it is actively encouraged that they volunteer for that. Gone are the days of holding off the Red Army on Saturdays, Sundays and some Tuesday evenings.
  13. There was only an element of sincerity in my post to begin with.The rest was shoddy windup material. Thanks for your reply.
  14. To clarify, territorial meant that it was drawn from local areas, they attended locally, etc. rather than it's purpose. But to refer to the OP's question, what in your mind is the difference between being a "part-time soldier" and "attending enthusiastically on weekends and doing the odd tour"?

    I would say that the difference between the two is the difference between a career and a hobby. And in the former, you get terms and conditions, and some career management. It's win-win, surely?
  15. ^Territorial, as in UK Defence of the UK territory. Yeah not really applicable, just like MOD, which should be Ministry of US Foreign Policy