Before I become too angry or drunk!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lsquared, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Is there anybody reading this site that can believe the despicable Brown and his announcement regarding Basra?

    I thought the bottom of the lavatory bowl had been reached by the disgusting Blair, but now I am expected to remain sane by living under the thrall of an unmitigated and cynical political adventurer.

    To play politics with lives is beneath contempt, to play politics with the lives, and the memories of the lives, of British soldiers is disgusting and defies belief.
  2. I know where you’re coming from, but I’m surprised that you don’t see that’s what politicians do.

    They sh!t on you from a great height them smile for the camera.
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    It produced an interesting response from Blackpool though:

    On second thoughts that might deserve its own thread!
  4. Broon - 1000 troops to be withdrawn from Iraq in time for Christmas.......

    MOD confirms that 500 of those have already been announced and 270 of them are actually home already!

    Spin, Spin and yet more spin from the man who said he will be straighter than bLiar
  5. So, is this more political then this (Link)?

    Would you rather the PM not visit military personnel at all? Considering the amount of complaints about how distant the leaders are from their military, it'd pay to be careful before complaining when they do go and actually see them.

    Sometimes you can't win, there are equally people who would say that keeping those troops in Iraq is playing politics with their lives (which btw, is almost the definition of warfare instigated by modern liberal democracies)

    I am not one usually to shy away from the cynical dealings of our lords and masters, but sometimes you have to look at things with some sense of perspective.
  6. I concur. Fecking disgrace. In addition I have just had to witness that muppet Bob Ainsworth talking utter bollox on Ch 4 news.

    For f**ks sake PM - do what is right, not what is party pollitically convenient. Show some moral courage; at the moment you disgrace your office.
  7. If you ask me....any concession offered by the govenment is now too late for too many.............
  8. Isquared - how on earth did You get on in the army when You get SO angry at a persons words. Hardly what one expects of ones superiors, where such easy anger would limit the ability to think rationally.

    Or is the anger prosthetic
  9. Now, I know this is where I lose the mainly sympathetic posts, but who is the astonishing muppet, wearing a general officer's badge on his beret, given the revolting Brown the: 'Oh Sir!, I would love to liss your arse look' or is it the: 'Please make sure I get a knighthood sir, please, please'.

    I understand that there are minima of standards of behaviour, but this appalling man, this destroyer not only of HM Forces, but of much of Great Britain, deserves only the minimum and does not deserve to be fawned over by ANY soldier - general or private.

    Brown is, by Army standards, a lump of canine excrement.

    He loathes the Army becuase he understands he could never, ever be part of it. Why ? He fears it, and the standards it maintains, which he could never even aspire to, and, he knows that never has he ever been good enough to be part of it.

    He is a dangerous man who has by a freak of circumstance climbed to the top of the political tree (ugh!) over the back of an appalling and worthless spiv.

    Know your enemy - if you are a democrat and a British subject then know and understand the danger of this man.

    PS. Be afraid also of his new found best friends in the European Soviet Union.
  10. I agree with Your last sentence entirely - but it has nothing to do with His attitude to the forces and everything to do with His parties erosion of civil liberties.

    The above has nothingto do, however, with Your added post script
  11. And what has always bugged me is why politicians are saluted, they do not have the queens commision so should not be saluted, brown and blair dont like the military so dont salute the bsatards
  12. I agree entirely, and neither should Thatcher, Knott or any of THAT motley crew
  13. fdj12 - surely they have more then a Queen's commission? They're the minister's of her Government and are part of the overall Chain of Command, particular MOD minister's and the PM himself? (Maybe someone can verify the constitutional position that minister's hold in the CoC?)

    Any actual evidence for this (rather then the Government's supposed handeling of defence policy?) I wasn't aware you were such intimate friends with Gordon Brown as to know the workings of his mind.
  14. You're right - you've lost my sympathy. I think you'll find it's SBMR-I, Lt Gen Bill Rollo. Basically our main man in Baghdad. And I think also that basing your diatribe on a single snapshot (clearly designed by journo scum to show a subservient pose) is just the kind of slack staff work that we all despise.

    Oh, and yes, Broon is still a tosser.
  15. I think you'll probably find he's saluting the General...............