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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by regular_imbiber, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. it must be remembered that I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to computers and things...

    Right,I'll continue...last week I had a geek-type person kindly set up my new internet and phone connection; when he remarked how slow my lap-top was I did say that it was 5 years old.I told him that I'd removed all pics and music from it and that was about my limit as regards care and attention.

    Now,and this is where it gets complicated, he told me that I could remove everything (even XP?) from my lappy and re-instate it... Does he mean I can do it myself or should I take it to a shop/base repair?

    PS He finished off with the fatal words "its easy enough to do" =-\\\\
  2. It's simple. You need to reformat your hard drive. Do you still have the installer disks? I'm not sure how to do it on XP, I know it's slightly different to Vista and I'm a Mac/Linux using retard... But honestly if you have the installer disks on you, and back up anything you NEED to save, then you should be fine!
  3. You started well...

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it - unless you have the skills or the time to acquire those skills!

  4. I understand and agree completely with what you are saying Litotes but when you even mention something like this to youngsters and people who are into computers they treat it like its all a minor irritation and not even a problem; this tends to make older codgers like me feel somewhat inadequate.

    A slow laptop is not the end of the world I suppose.The alternate is a disastrous botch job by myself or a probably expensive trip to a shop.
  5. Try clearing all the junk off your drives first and then run defrag.

    You could download CCleaner from here: Piriform
  6. As mentioned wipe the hard drive back to factory settings, you may have the reinstallation disks or you maybe able to do it straight from the comp, in all honesty 5yrs old, throw it down the stairs and claim on the insurance assuming you have insurance!
  7. Most important - if you do re-install your operating system you MUST back up all your data separately or you'll lose it.

    Recce's right - try cleaning up the disc and do a disc de-fragment and see how it goes after that.
  8. Thanks lads, its all a bit bewildering mind you.

    To be on the safe side I think I'll just take it to a shop if it looks like going down,unlike Gary Glitter Ive got no fears about anything dodgy being found in the nooks and crannies :crash: