Bees swarm India paramilitary troops

It's Friday. This seemed an interesting news piece.

[h=1]Bees swarm India paramilitary troops in Chhattisgarh[/h]By Salman RaviBBC Hindi, Raipur
Operations against Maoist rebels have been stepped up recently

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At least 19 Indian paramilitary troops were swarmed and badly stung by bees while on a counter-insurgency operation against Maoist rebels in Chhattisgarh state.
The troops were clearing landmines in the dense forests of Narayanpur district when they were attacked.
Four of the soldiers were in "a real bad state" with serious swelling on their faces and hands, police said.
The men have been admitted to a local government hospital.
The paramilitary personnel from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were deployed in the Farasgaon area of Bastar region.
The area contains dense forests and has been the scene of a bitter Maoist insurgency, police and local officials told the BBC.
Officials said that on Sunday afternoon a storm in the area is believed to have knocked a tree or a branch onto a bee hive while the paramilitary police were combing the area for landmines.
Insects and reptiles pose a major problem for the security forces deployed against the Maoists in the forests of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa.
According to rough estimates, malaria and insects kill as many security personnel as die in combat against Maoist rebels.
The Maoists are active in more than a third of India's 600-odd districts. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described them as the biggest internal security challenge facing India.
The rebels say they are fighting for the rights of indigenous tribes people and the rural poor, who they say have been neglected by governments for decades.
India has deployed tens of thousands of federal paramilitary troops and policemen to fight the rebels.

BBC News - Bees swarm India paramilitary troops in Chhattisgarh
Imagine that Bees!

The ISAF and the British Army has some solutions even if they are floundering in Afghanistan, where there is no bees?
According to rough estimates, malaria and insects kill as many security personnel as die in combat against Maoist rebels.
Another BBC canard.

If true how about some statistics?

They are surefire hot on statistics, what happened now?

And India has not deployed much against the Maoists as yet.

That is the issue!

Where India has, it is all Quiet as in the western front!
I don't see how an SLR would have helped. It'd take a pretty impressive rate of fire to shoot down an entire swarm of bees.
Missing OTC having missed being in the military and even the TA finds that he was a Marksman with his rifle killing bees and flies!

That is his way of doing National Service.

Great stuff, if you ask me.
I would hate to use his (Missing OTS) favourite term on him - ****- since that affects my sensibilities, but suffice it to say he is the original coveted sexual organ of Eve!

He procreates humanity even if of the wrong sex!

Miracles never cease!
Bees? BEES? I'll see your Bees and raise you Garelochhead MIDGES! We had SLRs with wooden furniture there too.
I was once part of a patrol that disturbed a hornet's nest in Sarawak we made a very undignified and distinctly non-tactical run for a nearby river, although we were armed with AR15s one of our number did have a 7.62 LMG - with a wooden butt, matter of fact HE was stung must've been the wooden furniture.
Last year..... at band camp......
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