Bees On Heat? -- No, They Are Vuvuzelas !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Those funking Vuvuzelas, those plastic trumpets at the Word Cup that sound like a swarm of bees on heat are to remain FIFA has ruled.
    Complains have been flooding in about the annoying sound that these instruments are making for the home viewer, the best part is, the more sophisticated your equipment is , the more annoying the sound!
    For those who don't know, its like a million bees permanently hovering around the main microphone .
  2. I cab vouch for that...I've got a decent sound system for the tele..and fark me, it was the most irritating noise!

    Thing is, it's "their" way of expressing support etc, can you imagine of people told us to stop the singing and chants on the terraces?
  3. I'm not a great one for watching the footie, but what I have seen of it has really pissed me off due to the drone in the background
  4. Indeed. Really, really annoying. Still, could be worse I suppose..

  5. Sixty

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    My World Cup is being ruined by that dull incessant drone. What were ITV thinking hiring Adrian Chiles?
  6. It has to be the most annoying Sound, But would rather listen to that than listen to mark lawrenson on the commentary, What a fcuking T1t
  7. I kept wondering why a fat German ex footy player would sound like a swarm of bees....then the pfennig dropped.

    Answers on a postcard please
  8. Correct vuvuzela usage- I assume from one of the Bulls Super 14 matches held in Soweto:

  9. Oh, so South Africans are starving then? Stop spending my donations on annoying shitty plastic trumpets and buy some fucking rice.

  10. After almost 20 years of marriage, I have developed the ability to tune out of annoying background noises.

    However I have noticed that after 15-20 minutes of ignoring it, I find myself saying "yes dear" for no apparent reason...
  11. Its even worse if you want to listen to the games on the radio. Drives me bananas
  12. on the radio today they said you can now download a 'vuvuzela app' for the iPhone.....that should make the daily commute tres interesant!!!
  13. You sponsor a black kid £2, and they run out and buy a fucking trumpet! FFS!