Beers, Friday the 9th, London

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by PrinceAlbert, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Anyone around this Friday for beers? RV - anywhere convenient. Time - probably 1830hrs onwards (ish)

    PRT - I have your whisky/wine if you're around?
  2. Location idea's....

    the last social was The Porterhouse IIRC which I passed today which looked good
  3. Wherever suits people. The Porterhouse is good for me.
  4. So far, me and PRT. That's a hardcore group!
  5. I don't know ANYONE on this forum, but would be nice to meet some of you in person for a drink. Hmmmm...lemme think about it, since I already have another engagement, but if it's the Covent Garden area, might swing by. Tempting!
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  6. Really? - We'll have the paparazzi standing by.....
  7. Come along. More the merrier.
  8. Anyone else?
  9. No, we went out last weekend and you weren't allowed to play out, you big nancy.
  10. What time are you guys planning on being there anyways? And for how long, roughly?

    The reason I am asking is that I get off work pretty late (for a Friday), then do need to go out to my boss' year end drinks/ leaving do. The plan is to grab some chow first at Bodean's in Tower Hill and have a couple of drinks.

    Also, what's the secret hand shake/ password I need to yell in the bar to recognize you wonderful chaps (if I do show up)? ;P

    Bodean's BBQ Restaurant in Tower Hill
  11. I'll PM you my mobile number. I will be there as early as I can get there. Probably 1830hrs onwards. Until PRT is pissed (approx 30 mins).

    You will recognise us as I will be sober and piling away the JD, and PRT will be cunted on his 2nd sherry. We will be at the bar, or outside smoking tabs.

    I had a prior engagement, that thankfully turned into a quality night.
  12. Just ask the bar staff for the arrse group & see what reaction you get ;-)

    If I can make it I'll drop by but other commitments mean it will be short
  13. Ah I see the plan, now why don't you all come and visit me in South Africa, we could cook meat over an open fire and drink brandy and coke (abomination) but us poor buggers over here do feel all left out of the manly coming togethers.
  14. Out of the country still but may be back late Jan early Feb and will defo be up for some proper drinking (and falling over).