beer taster sues for becoming alco

Be suprised if this wasnt already posted, but cant find it yet so:

"A court has ordered a brewery to pay almost £30,000 in compensation to an alcoholic beer taster.
Brewery Ambev was sued by the man who claimed the company did not provide health measures that would have stopped him developing a drink problem.
The unidentified employee downed an average of 3.2 pints a day while at work.
The taster's lawsuit alleged he drunk 16 to 25 small glasses of beer in a typical eight-hour shift for more than a decade.
He also received a bottle of beer to take home after each shift, the court in the Rio Grande do Sul state of Brazil said in a statement.
An initial ruling had favored Ambev, or Companhia de Bebidas das Americas, which can still appeal the decision.
The company alleged the employee already was an alcoholic before becoming a beer taster.
Awarding the taster £24,700, Judge Jose Felipe Ledur said the company still was negligent because an alcoholic should never have been made a beer taster.
Judge Ledur also said the employee's alcohol dependency had worsened in recent years and that even on vacation, the employee felt like drinking the same amount of beer he drank at work."

Genius. I love the last paragraph about him feeling like drinking as much on vacation as at work. Cant help thinking this would be laughed out of court in the UK... or maybe not given the current trend. But hey, on a positive note, think there is a vacancy for a beer taster in Brazil? Any takers? One straight line please (no pun).

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