Beer set to reach £4 a pint!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DigitalGeek, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. The average price of a pint of bitter in Britain's pubs could increase from around £2.20 to as much as £4 next year, the industry has warned.

    The massive hike, which is also expected to affect cans bought from off licences, is due largely to increased prices of key ingredients barley and hops - in part because farmland is being turned over to environment-friendly biofuels.

    But brewers are also suffering from rises in fuel costs and the price of the metals used to produce kegs and cans. Kegs are now so valuable that they have become a target for thieves, who stole 60 million this year to melt down for their metal.

    Mark Hastings, director of communications at the British Beer and Pub Association, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "Food prices have increased dramatically and that has affected, for us, the price of barley and hops, which have rocketed tremendously.

    Money grabbing gits! :x
  2. HA HA Bloody HA! I don't drink!
  3. If it gets to 4 quid a pint i'll stop drinking! I'm sure the rest of the world will have to increase their beer prices to.... not just the Uk. *dream on*
  4. This SMACK's of this bloody governments failed policies to stop Binge Drinking! And sod all to do with the brewery!!

  5. I think youre slightly lost on this board. You don't drink and you get offended at people mocking retards?

    Are you the real Cliff Richard? 8O
  6. If he likes playing with little boys' private places then he probably is
  7. If I had his money, I would have to think long and hard........ :wink:
  8. £4 a pint. I have reduced myself to one boozing session a month as it is these days. I'll become fit again.

    Something must be done.
  9. Weirdo.
  10. I failed to read that before. WHat do you use as an excuse to sh@g fat birds or disabled boys then?
  11. How much is a bag of crack now?

    It'll soon be cheaper to whack some Columbian marching powder up your nose soon.
  12. Well The FTSE says that Crack sales have decreased by 2.7% Since this time last year so hopefully the increased cost of booze will help the struggling industry. If not Labour will keep supporting them.
  13. i live in norway,so £ 4.00.per pint isnt too bad.
  14. Woe is me, for then can no longer afford the cup to cry into.

    Feckit. I remember the fuss when decimalisation pushed the price of a pint up to ten pence, everybody moaned and kept on drinking.
  15. 60 cents where I am :twisted: