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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cpunk, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Went to a mate's place last night to drop off some stuff and ended up having a couple of beers. The beer in question was on sale in a special offer at our local Sainsbury's and goes by the name of 'Rogue Imperial Stout'. I found it rather pleasant - a bit like Guinness FES - but when I got up to leave and cycle home, I found myself to be somewhat sh1tfaced. A quick check of the bottle revealed that this beer, brewed in the USA, weighs in at an impressive, tramp-stunning, 11% ABV. Holy fecking Mackerel and not at all bad for £1.50 a bottle! Highly recommended if you're homeless, or have some vagrant friends coming round for a 'Big Issue' sales conference.
  2. 11% is a little over the mark for me. Thats the same as most white wines, it'd probably kill me.

    What was pleasant about yesterdays post lunch drinking was that the mate who'd come round for his dinner, had found 5 liter kegs of Warsteiner in Macro, for about 6.50 plus vat. Not bad at all, went down a treat.

  3. Favourite beer of the summer for me: "Ale Fresco" by Greene King. Luvverly light, refreshing, hoppy, not-quite-cold summer ale. Failing that it has to be IPA. And I'm not actually much of a bitter drinker usually so hat's off the Greene King.

    Favourite cheap-o beer of the moment is that Czech lager they do in the silver can in Threshers. Good quaffable BBQ lager at almost Calais-level prices.

    Lastly, a bog standard "pint of the numbers" is a thing of the past. You can now get 1664 "Premier Cru" which weighs in at 12% or something and tastes like that trappist stuff that knocked you out on that Stag Night in Brugge three years ago. There's also 1664 "Blanc" which is a Weissbier take on the theme which is very nice. Tescos are doing 4 (large) bottles for a fiver.

    Not that I'm a lush or anything.

  4. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    Currently living in Munich and what can I say? The beer here is awesome, we have to grade it in 'gravel marks' as you cannot remember much so just count the scrapes on your chin the next morning. Also be careful of the weiss bier as I was confronted last week by a cheery Bavarian who had sampled plenty of the local tipple, unfortunateley he did not realise that he had laid a soggy log and it was starting to creep through his lovely summer linen pants!!! Luckily the 30 degree heat was forgiving for the mars bar smuggler could not even smell a dead kipper due to his heightened level of consciuosness.

    Krusovice dark ... tried this in prague about a month ago - superb!
    only 3.8% so not a beer for getting p!ssed quick but great for sitting in the sun watching the world go by
  6. Harvistoun Old Engine Oil 5% rich dark chocolate hint and was going for 49 pence a 330ml bottle in my local offi, nectar from the gods, also in the same vain is another scottish brew from the Moullin Brewery called Old Remedial, a few pints of that sorts you out!!.

    Another of recommendation for those with a Greene King alehouse nearby, is a seasonal ale called Black Baron, a quality session beer available November time weighing in a 4.5%.

    And finally those who take a trip to gods own county Yorkshire this winter, check out Black Jack 5% brewed by the Old Mill Brewery Snaith, available in various outlets across the greatest county.

    For those who partake in copious amounts of beer swilling across the world enjoy, and keep supping!!!!
  7. Went to the whole-salers on Friday seeking cleaning stuff. Came away with a case of Nigerian imported Guiness! Yes, really..."Nigerian Lager" indeed! Apparently it is brewed under license there and is very similar to the Guinness of long ago, of legend even. Blacker in hue than the Master Brewer in Lagos who produced it, this stuff is 7.5%. 650mil bottles and only £1.20! Dry as a nun's chuff but oh so malty...

    My sh1t was black as a mole on Monday!
  8. Just one last quick recommendation for other alcoholics. Oddbins has a rather smashing deal on "DAB" (Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei) lager, which is 5% and only a fiver for seven (!) 440 ml. cans. A very, very nice Krautenlager.

  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A similar version of Guinness is brewed in Jamaica - excellent stuff! They used to have some rather incongruous looking posters of fabulously good-looking, sophisticated, young Jamaicans drinking it on the beach: the posters didn't mention that it turned your sh1te black.

    You can also get it in the UK - brewed in Dublin - but only in ickle-bitty bottles (330ml?) which cost rather a lot.
  10. Would agree with the comments on Greene King particularly IPA and "A beer to dine for" while the marketing is a bit bendersexual on the latter it is still a good beer and it is a 750 bottle.

    The sesh beer is Deuchars IPA tho' any GK fans would be right into this.
  11. must admit paulaner weissbrau is really nice! those in bfg go get some!