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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by escape_artists_never_die, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. While very drunk, my PSI and I had a conversation about the anti smoking ban beer mats that were randomly placed all over our table.
    Now, the reason we had this conversation is because we were considering stealing them.... bad I know but we needed some for the mess. However we moved away from this dastardly plan and began to discuss the merits of the humble beer mat - absolutely everyone looks at and will probably read them. Why don't the recruiting bods start dishing out recruiting beer mats! One side TA and one side Reg; short, simple message with a phone number and a web address = done! :D

    The other reason I am offering up this suggestion is, if anyone does go ahead with this idea; TA/Reg wide or maybe just one unit - please send us around 200ish thank you :p - on a more serious point; single TA Regiments; get mats printed - give them to the local UOTC mess!
  2. See the Wiki recruiting tool box calender under March... Not sure who was responsible for that entry.
  3. In all honesty I was just after someone offering to send me their units creations :wink:

    I'm not allowed back in the mess until i've got hold of 200, allegedly :?
  4. We did that at my old lot, the main issue with beer mats is finding pubs and clubs to use them. Most chain pubs/clubs are extremally adverse to the idea sadly.
    If you can get agreements in principle from places to stock them then go for it!! Don't make the same mistake we did only finding out the above after having loads printed!! :(
  5. Thats got to hurt, how many did you get printed?

    Don't suppose you still have any..... :)
  6. I still have an old one (early 1990's) from PWO.

    A great idea. It would be like Pokemon for adults!

  7. Don't know the exact figures but it was a lot!! Am transfering back in a few months when I graduate so will ask around but this was a few years back, that said there might be a few milling about in the bar!! Will let you know come June.
  8. Problem with beer mats is that they get binned after one night, not really cost effective ?
  9. Fablon them........... :wink:
  10. Yep your definatly an Officer Cadet!! :lol:
  11. What are you trying to say?? I fablon everything, you should see my boots 8)

  12. Speak to whoever does your marketing or who holds the Branding Manual for your unit. We did beer mats last year and they came out quite well. You can find details for your local marketing people ie Golly Slater in Bristol. They are quite expensive but the more you buy the cheaper they are:

    1000 - £677.00
    2000 - £802.25
    3000 - £927.00

    (last years prices)

    So you do need a large marketing budget to get some and to make it worth while.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    This doesn't seem right to me - 50 - 30p per mat?

    Strangeways Associates Ltd
    35 Hardwick Lane
    PE18 9UN
    Tel: 01480 811905
    Fax: 01480 812663
    Mr Nigel Strangeways, Director The Minimum Quantity of mats would be 5,000 pcs. The price for square or round would be the same.

    The costs, providing the colours are the same both sides, even if the designs are different, would be:-

    2-colours 2-sides £73.32 per 1000
    3-colours 2-sides £81.76 per 1000
    4-colours 2-sides £88.20 per 1000

    The plates would be £125 per colour
    Wet Proofs would be £35 per colour
    Digital Proofs would be £60 per colour

    Delivery would be £8.25 delivered one address England. Any timed delivery or special delivery requirements would be extra.

    Availability approx 3 weeks.

    Prices for 10k pcs, 2 sides:-

    2-cols £42.00 /1000
    3-cols £46.10/1000
    4-cols £49.29/1000

    Plates costs and proofs the same per colour
    Delivery Cost £13.75

  14. Certainly is.....that was the actual quote i received from Golly Slater, I was our RRTs marketing manager last year and believe me that's how much it cost. Most of the cost is down to the setting up of the print, not the actual cost of printing.
  15. msr

    msr LE