Beer Lorry crash closes motorway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BossHogg, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. Typical, I'm on a day off and this has happened 8O

    Beer can spillage closes motorway

    A brewery wagon has crashed on the M6 in Cumbria, leaving cans of beer strewn across the carriageway.
    The "curtain-sided" HGV, which was carrying 40 tonnes of cans, flipped onto its side after mounting an embankment early on Saturday.

    The Scottish driver, from Livingston in West Lothian, was rescued uninjured after being trapped in the vehicle.

    Two northbound lanes of the motorway, near Shap, remain closed while the cans are cleared and the wagon recovered.

    A Cumbria Police spokesman said: "It's not clear quite how much beer spilled onto the carriageway, but as the vehicle was curtain-sided, it probably lost a good deal of its load.

    "Two lanes have been closed while the area is made safe for motorists."

    The Highways Agency, which assisted police with the clear-up, expects the M6 northbound to fully re-open by about 1230 GMT.
  2. The blockage wasn't caused by the accident, but by the Rab Cs that whipped down from Chilly Jocko Land and started licking the carriageway.
  3. Oh, the humanity!

    I'm surprised the driver was 'uninjured' - I'd have thought they would at least have had to break his fingers to drag a Scotsman away from a cargo of beer!
  4. Spillage! :omg:
    That's yet another night without sleep...
  5. Ullage !
  6. If it had been Tennents canal water or Buckfast that might have been the case.
  7. Come on driver you know the score any Spillage and you have to either sup it off the floor or get the round in.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well last week at the Guinness brewery in Dublin, someone drove in to the yard with a unmarked tractor unit & hooked up a full load of Guiness, wife beater & other beer kegs & left without anyone catching on! Gardai reckon the haul's around €250k!
  9. Spike I could well believe it I was regularly moving trailers full whisky 3640 cases 12 bottles per case of single malt!
  10. PIRA would often highjack a beer wagon around Christmas time and St Paddy's day. It would then be found some time later (empty) and have to be cleared by an EOD team.
  11. Im sure there would of been a quicker response from the Sappers/RLC if the vehicle was still full of the booze :wink:
  12. I wonder if the rozzers breathalysed the driver?

  13. Sappers No you mis-understood me i said EOD team. :twisted: